Thursday, 10/31: Proofreading, Vocab, TMA

No KBARR Response needed tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s Test: Proofreading, Vocab, Husker Du, Alyce.

“Proofreading, 10/31.”
a) fragment b) run on c) apostrophe or plural error d) word misuse e) no mistake

1) Yesterday, I downloaded from iTunes the album My Love is Like a Cheese; it’s by the band Love Baby Kiss Doll.   2) I thought I’d like it a lot, I did.  3) Your phone or music player should have this album on it.   4) Are you going to buy only one album this year? Then it should be this one.  5) You’re into space country music and stuff like that, then you will especially like this.
6) Although there are many compelling songs, my favorite song on the album is called “Take the Skinheads Bowling.” 7) Its a very wistful song about missing the good ol’ days bowling with punk rock dudes.   8) Do you remember those days? I would’nt think that you would.   9)  This song also has an abundance of rocking guitars and a section featuring Jay-Z that really enhances the whole thing.  10) Overall, this album would be a boon for you’re music collection.

“Vocab, 10/31.”
 Step-4  james-stevenson-quick-bartlett cartoon2706

  1. _____ (Bonus if you can translate! Good luck with that.)
  2. (2) _____ and ______
  3. _____
  4. “Quick, Bartlett! ______ them with hope!”
  5. “It’s times like these we really need to roll up our sleeves, rally together, and find a _____.”
  6. Everybody has _______(s) that other people might find weird.
  7. Patience with the ways of nature had been ____(ed) in her by her park ranger father.
  8. The prefix of this word means across or through: _____
  9. “S’up?” is an example of  _______ language.
  10. In professional sports, the coach is often the _____for a team’s bad performance, even if it isn’t always his fault.
  11. Some people in this class have such a _____ of points that they could skip a test, take a zero, and still have an A.
  12. “I am but a poor woman with this wretched inn and a blind man to care for. I am sure God does not ____ me my little economies.”
  13. * (2) They _____(ed) his success to several ____(s) that he had, such as diligence and loyalty.

NextGen VOCABULARY RELAY! The class that gets around the room fastest with the fewest mistakes wins! If you are one of the people who gets a rerun, you’d better be ready! Count off, remember your number, and preview your question before we get to you. Each wrong answer adds 3 seconds to the total time.

  1. True/False? Referring to a judge as “Your Honor,” is an example of colloquial language.
  2. True/False? Always eating chicken before a baseball game is a good example of an idiosyncrasy.
  3. True/False?  The words surfeit and abundance are similar in meaning.
  4. True/False?  Shaving your head is an example of a metamorphosis.
  5. True/False? Mr. Coward uses many colloquialisms.
  6. True/False? The word scapegoat is based on actual goats.
  7. True/False? In the word instill, the prefix in– means not.
  8. True/False? The word scapegoat can be used as a verb.
  9. True/False? In the word transfixed, the prefix trans– means nailed.
  10. True/False? At the end of The Outsiders, Ponyboy is optimistic about getting out of the ‘hood.
  11. True/False?  Dally was a pessimistic person.
  12. True/False?  The birth of a two-headed cow would be a phenomenon.
  13. True/False?  When you are begrudging, you are enthusiastic.
  14. True/False? Alyce has a surfeit of self-confidence.
  15. True/False? When Alyce first started working for the midwife, the other villagers used her as a scapegoat for their dislike of Jane.
  16. True/False? Two-Bit was a naturally pessimistic person.
  17. True/False?  In the word transfixed, the prefix trans– means through.
  18. True/False? The midwife was rather begrudging about feeding Beetle


Questions on tomorrow’s test:

What’s the real reason Alyce left the village?
Why was Magister Reese watching Alyce while she worked?
What’s the point of Jane’s speech to Magister Reese on p88?
What inspires Alyce to go check on Edward?
What causes Alyce’s first cry?
Where on Plot Mountain would these events be? –Alyce saves Will.  –Alyce runs away.  — Alyce visits the manor.
What is our main conflict?
1st, 2nd or 3rd person?