Tuesday, 11/12: Homework, Sentence Scramble, Vocab Review, ASoT

Copy homework into planner.

“Sentence Scramble, 11/12.” (1 comma)

  • for an interview
  • everywhere
  • she was called
  • no luck
  • she had looked
  • and was having
  • when
  • for a job

Debrief Test #12.

“Vocab Review, 11/12”
a) adversary  b) aplomb  c) banish  d) grueling  e) perceive  f) disdain  g) dispel   h) engross   i) diminish  j) exhilarate

  1. She speaks French and German with equal ______.
  2. She has a great _____ for companies that mistreat their workers and refuses to buy their products.
  3. The root origins of this word meant “curse and proclamation.” ________
    a) diligent  b) compelling  c) convene  d) turmoil  e) heedless  f) cordial  g) diffident   h) abundant  i) dire  j) grovel
  4. The lawyer’s argument was so _____ the jury acquitted his client.
  5.  He practiced the skate trick __(ly) until he got it right.
  6.  compelling : boring :: scarce : _____
    a) derivative  b) disreputable  c) tumultuous  d) tantalize  e) stanch  f) boon  g) sham  h) incompetent  i) taunt  j) abide
  7. Along some parts of the border, they have built a giant fence to try to ______ the flow of illegal drugs and immigrants.
  8. Aspirin is a ______ of the bark of the willow tree.
  9. responsible : disreputable :: calm : ____
    a) intrigue b) benevolent c) apprehensive d) wheedle e) sift  f) transgression g) aghast h) ebb i) nondescript j) enhance
  10. “Why don’t you get a job?”   asked Steve.  “What?” Two-Bit was _______ “And ruin my rep?”
  11. Ponyboy was ________ about appearing in juvenile court. He was worried the family would be separated.
  12. The principal had to _______ through all the conflicting stories to get at the truth.
    a) begrudge b) metamorphosis c) transfixed d) scapegoat e) surfeit f) attribute g) instill h) optimistic i) pessimistic j) colloquial
  13. Mr. Calandro is trying to _____ a sense of kindness in the students of Laguna.
  14. In professional sports, the coach is often the _______for a team’s bad performance, even if it isn’t always his fault.
  15. subside : ebb :: engrossed : _____




“A Sound of Thunder.”

The law of a certain land states that all who wish to enter through the city gates are asked to state their business. Those who reply truthfully (the guards can tell) are allowed to enter and depart in peace, but those who reply falsely are hanged. A traveler approaches the gate, and when asked his business, he replies, “I have come to be hanged.” What should happen to this traveler?


Look for/Think about: What things might the phrase “a sound of thunder” represent?

What three things could the phrase “a sound of thunder” represent?
What is the real theme of the story?

Time and Punishment”??!