Friday, 11/22: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test 14

Quickly Prep Sheet for Test #14.
KBAR Chart:___/20      Vocabulary h/w: ___/20     Vocabulary Practices: ___/13  ___/12  ___/12
Other Extra Credit: Period 2 +3 for vocab Relay, All others +1.

Mental Floss.

  1. Wacky Wordies. The colors are not part of the clues.
    a)    b) 
    c)  d) 
  2. Figure out what the three things in each set have in common. Each answer is a six-letter word ending in -s.
    • a) trombone, playground, microscope
    • b) railroad, muddy shoes, music cd
  3. What living creature has fur, four legs, and a tail, eats cat food, meows, and sees equally well from both ends of its body?
  4. Name an English word (there are actually two) of more than two letters that both begins and ends with the letters -he in that order. “Hehe” is not an acceptable answer.


Test #14.

Doodle Theme: Vacation.