Monday, 1/6: Homework, AW’s, NEWS, Maus

Copy homework into planner.

“AW’s, 1/6.”
advocate (noun/verb) supporter
contrary (adjective) opposite; opposing
prohibit (verb) to not allow; to forbid
release (verb) to let go; to set free
reverse (verb) to change back; to overturn
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  1. _____ (2)
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. The root of this word means “voice.” _____
  5. His conviction was ______(ed) after the appeal. –>Bonus opportunity: Use a previous vocab word to fill in the next blank–This means he was now _____(ed).
  6. ______ to popular belief, one human year does not equal seven “dog years.”
  7. “_____ the hounds,” is what Mr. Burns says when he wants his dogs to get rid of someone.
  8. Cell phones are _____(ed) in this class, unless otherwise specified by Mr. Coward.
  9. Your lawyer is supposed to be your _____ in court and speak for you.
  10. The word ______ is sometimes used to mean death.


NEWSELA ARTICLES! Reading Skillz Check #1.

  1. Go to On the left side you will see a line that says, “Student? Enter Class Code.”
  2. Here are the class codes to enter:
    • 1st Period: YFZN8H
    • 2nd Period: B4HZGN
    • 5th Period: TZGSU6
    • 6th Period: NSKS6T
  3. Enter the code, click join, and then LOG IN with GOOGLE!
  4. Once you are logged in…
  5. Pick any one of the nine articles, read it carefully, and then do the 8-question quiz. Don’t take forever to decide; we are on short periods today.
  6. You are encouraged to look back and forth from questions to article to help you answer them.
  7. If you finish early, start work on your vocab homework.