Tuesday, 1/7: Vocab, 120 Seconds, Maus, Hitler?

Checking Definitions.

“Vocab, 1/7.” * = AW.


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. Some people think that the Narnia series is a religious  _________, with Aslan the lion representing Christ.
  5. The old photographs were all ______(ed) to the attic because nobody looked at them any more.
  6. He tried to _____ himself into the “cool crowd” by hanging around them A LOT.
  7. Some people see boxing as legally ______(ed) violence.
  8. This word’s roots mean “to bend/lean inward.” ______
  9. Now that he had found religion, the former criminal wanted to earn ______ for the things he had done.
  10. I didn’t like his ____(ion) that I wasn’t good enough to make the team.
  11. (2) He fooled his pursuers with a _____ trick that he ______(ed) on the spot.
  12. * (2) Health ____(s) cheered when San Luis became the first city in America to ___ smoking in restaurants.

120 Seconds.

D Link.


K Link

NEWSELA: “The Nuremberg Laws.” Click the link and follow the directions.

Time? Vladek.