Thursday, 1/23: AWR, Clauses, NEWSELA, Vladek

Tomorrow’s Test: AW Review, Clauses, The Holocaust, Vladek.

“AWR, 1/23.”  enhance, migration, conflicted, fundamental, attribute, despite, integrate, justify, valid, incentive

  1. (NOT!)
  2. The rising cost of electricity provides a strong/powerful _____ to conserve energy.
  3. The interviewer asked me what I consider to be my best _____. I told them it was my listening ability.
  4. The patient died during the night _____ our best efforts to save him.
  5. You can _____ the flavor of the dish by using fresh herbs.
  6. They have resisted efforts to _____women into the military.
  7. You must present _____ identification to pick up the tickets.

Correct Pink Sheet. The Clauses section of the test will look like the pink sheet and today’s exercise.

“Clauses, 1/23.”
ONE INDEPENDENT clause, write I.
ONE DEPENDENT clause (fragment), write D.
BOTH, write I + D or D + I

  1. Some banks encourage savings accounts for young llamas.
  2. After she watched the news the llama ate a cheese roll.

  3. If you leave money in an account at least six months.
  4. The llama passed the test even though he didn’t study.
  5. Since the llama’s voice was strong, she was the lead in the musical.
  6. The llama read a magazine about raising rabbits.
  7. Although he didn’t like it, the llama always did his homework.
  8. When the llama started college.

Finish NEWSELA Holocaust Article, Quiz, and Paragraph. If you are already finished, work on your 600 words. 10 minutes.


Maus Book II: “…And Here My Troubles Began.”