Wednesday, 2/12: Vocab, NEWSELA Reading Check, Work on Interview

Welcome Guest Teacher! Students should work their way down this page on their Chromebooks.

“Vocab, 2/13.” 
augment, wretched, meager, suppress, exuberant, impede, fleeting, wry, lethargic, escalate


  1. _____ Pic of a basketball player getting in another player’s way as he drives to the basket.
  2. _____ Drawing of a face with hands covering the eyes and mouth.
  3. _____ Pic of a little boy very excited and joyful about a pine tree.
  4. _____ Pic of a plate with one pea on it and a knife and fork poised over it.
  5. The mayfly’s life is very _____. A mayfly only lives to reproduce and is alive for only 24 hours.
  6. After the police mishandled the fight, it ____(ed) into a riot.
  7. He tried to ___ his income by selling magazines door to door.
  8. Although you might think they do, recent studies have concluded that cough _____(ants) don’t really stop your cough.
  9. Some teachers keep their classrooms very cold because they think it keeps the students from being too ____.
  10. The amount of food coupons given to the Jews only allowed them very ____ portions, not enough to get by legally.
  11. The prisoners in Auschwitz were kept in ____ conditions.
  12. The Lemony Snicket books are known for their ____ humor about seemingly terrible events.
  13. On the last day of school, the kids ran _____(ly) through the halls.
  14. His pants were so tight they _____(ed) his movement.



B. Go to NEWSELA and take another Reading Skills Check.

C. Vladek Reading Check

  1. What does Francoise mean when she says, “I’ll bet you that Anja’s notebooks were written on both sides of the page…” ?
  2. Why do Vladek and the others not go through with their plan to escape Auschwitz?
  3. Where does Vladek say his “troubles began”?
  4. Why did the French man share his food with Vladek?

D. Work on your Interview and/or you 600 words for next week.


Tuesday, 2/11: Homework, Debrief Test 21, Work on Interviews, 600 words

Copy homework into planner.

Add to vocab list.  Euphemism (n – U FEM ISM): 
A “nice” way of saying something  unpleasant. 

The prefix eu- means “good.”

Examples: passed on = died, sanitation engineer = garbage man, etc…

  1. solid waste =
  2. landfill =
  3. economically disadvantaged =
  4. undocumented transborder migrant =
  5. vertically challenged =
  6. intentionally inaccurate statement  =

Debrief Test #21. Hrrrmmm.

I check 600 words.
You work on interview essay or vocab.