Thursday, 2/13: S/CD/CX, Vocab, Correct Yesterday, Last Chance for Interviews, Vladek

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab, S/CD/CX, Vladek.
Interviews are due!

Correct Yesterday’s Vocab.

“Vocab, 2/13.”
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augment, wretched, meager, suppress, exuberant, impede, fleeting, wry, lethargic, escalate

  1. Pic of a giant, fallen tree blocking the road.
  2. Pic of a bear seriously napping.
  3. Cartoon of Uncle Sam’s hand over someone’s mouth and the word QUIET!
  4. Pic of a joyful grandma leaping into a lake!
  5. Pic of a celebrity smirking.
  6. Pic of clock dissolving into confetti.
  7. Pic of two women resting on a mattress in a garbage dump.
  8. Pokemon Go is an example of a game that uses _____(ed) reality, adding extra features to the real world through technology.
  9. After the second offense the punishment _____(ed) from scolding to use of the discipline wand.
  10. (2) Vladek tried to ____ the ____ amount of food they were allowed by working on the black market.


Game Show Prep for Tomorrow’s Test.

Vladek to p265.

Last chance to work on Interviews/600 words for Tuesday.