Friday, 2/14: Paperwork, Mental Floss, “Test” #22, Turn in Interviews

Prep sheet for Test #22.

Add up all your Bonus Credit for the week.

I’ma come for KBARR.

When you are finished with the test, finish, proofread, creatively title, and share your interview with me. THEN you may doodle, Trackword, etc…

If your Chromie is below 50%, plug it back in!


Mental Floss.

  1. Try to figure out the noun or adjective that is common to all the items each group.
    • a) person, clock, cliff
    • b) feather,  torch,  low-calorie
    • c) fishing rod, actor, checkout counter
  2. The following not only describes a famous monument, but is an anagram for its name. What is it?
    Built to Stay Free.
  3. Cross out six letters and you’ll find an easy word. What is the word?  SBAIXNLETATNERSAS
  4. A donkey behind another donkey,
    I’m behind that second donkey,
    But there is a whole nation behind me.
    It is a murder you can describe in a word: ______
  5. For each, find a three-letter word that ends the first word and begins the second word.
    a) birth _ _ _ light       b) knock _ _ _ line


TEST #22


Don’t forget your CONCLUSION.


I was very thankful to be able to hear more about my grandpa’s past.   [No Way?! Really?!?]

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I had a lot of fun doing the interview, but to my mom she thought I was being awkward around grandma. I learned from grandma that life can have it’s ups and downs, but if you work hard and meet new people, you can start a good relationship with friends and family. My grandma also gives pretty good advice for mostly anything which I really love about her.



“Elder Interview”  (Hrrmmm.)

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“My Grandpa and his Jealous Chihuahua”   (LOL)