Adjectives, Vocab, Delinquent, Outsiders?

8/31 – Homies ONLY:


ZoomaZoom Link:

Opening Act: “Unpack Your Adjectives.”

“Warm Up, 8/28  and 8/31.”

  1. Based on the video, write a definition of what an adjective is/does: 
    (Copy and complete) “An adjective is a word that…”
  2. Explain what the expression “Ignorance is bliss” means.
  3. (2) Is the expression “Ignorance is bliss” a motto? Why/not?

“Vocab, 8/28 (8/31).” Just write the answer in your notebook. You may use words more than once. I will be checking Vocabulary Show Me You Know sentences.

  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. cool : good :: dig : ______
  6. hopeful : bleak :: proud : _____
  7. He touched the cut on his cheek ______. Ow!
  8. A person who doesn’t like to ______ to the group is often looked at as an outsider.
  9. Even though their denotations are similar, the words nosy and curious have different _____(s).
  10. He nodded ____(ly) and said, “It would have been wiser to have someone pick you up.”

Delinquent” by Langston Hughes


Day Two, 8/26 – 27

ZoomaZoom Link:

“Warm Up, 8/26(27)” (Individual – First 4 minutes!) Write the answers in the notebook. GUESS if you don’t know!

  1. What is an analogy?
  2. What is pretty much the only way to earn “extra credit” in this class?
  3. What does SMYK stand for?
  4. What does MYOB stand for?

“Vocabulary, 8/26(27).” (In groups) All answers will be vocabulary words. Use your definitions and your group homies to help you. For #1-4, choose which word best fits the picture, and be prepared to explain why you think so. If you can justify more than one word for a picture, you might receive bonus credit. Write the answers in your notebook.
bliss, infer, bleak, nonchalant, gingerly, rueful, savvy, conform, sage, fathom, connotation
sage bleak1wpiStock_why-do-we-conform

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. pain : pleasure :: confusion : ______
  6. rules : requirements :: happiness : ____
  7. For Esteban, the word dropout had the ____ of a gang member with a can a spray paint.
  8. I was able to _____ the meaning of the word from the way it was used.
  9. Nobody could _____ why he liked school so much even though he got all F’s.
  10. Even though I was nervous, I tried to act cool and ______.

As we correct, DRAW A LINE THROUGH ANY INCORRECT ANSWER, and write the correct answer next to it. DO NOT ERASE! Put your total ( /10) at the top.


by Langston Hughes          
I play it cool    

and dig all jive. 
That’s the reason
I stay alive.
My motto,
As I live and learn
Dig and Be Dug
In Return. 
“Motto, 8/26(27).” (in your notebook. In groups.)
1) What is a motto?
2) What do you think he means by “Dig and Be Dug In Return”?
3) What other saying(s) have you heard or use might mean something similar?

What TWO things does the slang term DIG mean?

Short Explanation Paper Assignment. Due Next Thursday (Pers. 1-3) / Friday (Pers 4-6).

Day One! ZOOM Link! Fun!

Well, Here we go. Please click the Zoom link below 5 minutes before your class starts.

I. Welcome and Roll

II. Mr. Coward’s Website and how we roll. Have this web page open with your Zoom Window!

Get a notebook! Get an Independent Reading book!

III. Homework for the “Week.”

Each “week” is really two weeks since we meet only every other day.

IV. Vocabulary Homework.

V. Analogies. Practice for Vocab.
x : y :: a : b.
Translation: is related to y in the same way that a is related to b.
Example –> ice : melt :: garbage : rot.

In Notebook: “Warm Up, 8/24/2020.”  Copy!

  1. tobacco : cigarette : : meat : _____
  2. boxer : athlete :: chair : ______
  3. Which is correct: “18 plus 19 is 36,” or “18 plus 19 are 36″?

VI. Afternoon Minutes. 10 people/period/day at first, until I have talked to everyone, and then we’ll talk about how we’re gonna use that time.



Time? AMA!



Welcome to Mr. Coward’s Class 2020!

It’s a whole new year and a whole new way of doing things. But one thing remains the same: Mr. Coward’s Website. This is where you find EVERYTHING related to this class. Everything! Homework, vocab sheets, quizzes, tests, Zoom links, links to discussion forum… Come here if you have questions.

We will be going LIVE Monday, 8/24. I will be in my classroom doing exactly (almost) what I would do if you were there. C’mon, it’ll be fun!

A few things to get you started before we start:

  1. Get a spiral notebook that you will use ONLY for this class. I am going to try to keep the class experience as close to “normal” as possible, and that includes you doing classwork and vocabulary definitions BY HAND in your notebook. You will only be typing for tests and essays! It’s best if you have this ready to go on DAY 1.
  2. Find an independent reading book. It’s called KBARR around here, and it’s a huge part of the class. We won’t start with the official KBARR until about a week in, but in this day and age, it might take awhile to get an actual book.
  3. Make sure you have a spot to “do school.” I will be expecting to see you actually writing in your notebook and holding it up and participating in groups on ZOOM, so you need a “spot” to do that. This won’t really work on your phone.
  4. Keep checking back here and exploring around. I am updating several times a day right now, so there is probably something new.