Tuesday, 9/1 – Wednesday, 9/2: Adjectives, Vocab, Test Practice, Outsiders

While I take roll, answer the following questions in the chat, BUT DO NOT PRESS ENTER UNTIL I TELL YOU! Also read the announcements below and be prepared to ask questions.
  1. What “virtual” school day of the week is it?
  2. Yes or No? Do you know your 6-digit student ID? It was your lunch number when we had lunch. (Hint: It’s on your schedule.)
  3. What does NDP mean in the slang paragraph instructions?
  4. Yes or No? Have you shared you slang paragraph with me yet?
VERY IMPORTANT: Please come to school to pick up your OUTSIDERS book  any time this week, starting now! These books are a LOAN, so please take care of them; you WILL BE BRINGING THEM BACK in a few weeks. Please make sure you have your book by MONDAY! Today, I have copied and pasted what we are reading, but you will need an actual book starting Monday!

The books will be on a cart outside the front office.

Find the book with your name on it.
Slang Paragraphs are due Thursday for Periods 1,2,3 and Friday for Periods 5, 6. Create a google doc and share it with me!
Afternoon minutes today are for people who either haven’t started their slang paragraph or who would like help with it.
By the way: NDP = Name, Date, Period.
The First Test is Thursday for Periods 1,2,3 and Friday for Periods 5,6. It will cover: Vocab, Adjectives, the two poems we read, and The Outsiders, plus anything else we talked about.
I will post a link to the test (so you can study) on Wednesday afternoon. You won’t be able to take it but you can see it to study.

“Vocabulary, 9/1 – 9/2.” (9) Write the vocabulary word in your notebook.
  1. _____
  2. (un)_______(able)
  3. Even though he may not be “book-smart” he has a lot of ____ about the world.
  4. Some people called him weird, but he preferred to be called a (non-)______(ist).
  5. (2 words: 1 for each blank) The old man was considered the ____ of the village because of all his experience and ______.
  6. From what she says, we can ____ that she and her older brother do not get along very well.
  7. rebel : conform :: tense : _______
  8. Her outlook on life was very _____ after the accident that killed her brother.

Adjectives answer the question “What Kind?” about nouns!

What kind of bear was he????

“Adjectives, 9/1-9/2.” (6) COPY each underlined word and write adjective or not adjective.

  1. She has such a soft voice!
  2. I can hardly hear her.
  3. A French chef in New York chisels ice sculptures.
  4. Machine parts are used to form mechanical structures.
  5. She is a pretty savvy poker player.
  6. She has a lot of basketball savvy.

“Practice Test Demo 1, 9/1-9/2.”
Write the answers in your notebook as well as typing them in the test to make sure there’s a record in case of a mistake.

Practice Test Links: Your 6-digit student ID is your password. Click the link for your class, use the drop-down menu to find your name, log in with your 6-digit student number, and GO!

First Period: Test Demo 1

Second Period: Test Demo 1

Third Period: Test Demo 1

Fifth Period: Test Demo 1

Sixth Period: Test Demo 1

All Quizzes, Tests, and Results can be found with your class’s Quiz Link over on the right sidebar. If you miss a test or a quiz, just go to your period’s Quiz Link, use the drop-down menu to choose, and take it! There’s even an App you can download: Search for ThatQuiz in your app store.

The Outsiders by S E Hinton

Key Questions.

    • What are the connotations of the word “outsider”?
    • What does it mean to say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?
    • What was the example of judging a book by its cover in the Adjectives video???

Begin reading. Click below and FOLLOW ALONG WITH ME!

The Outsiders – Chapter 1-1