Thursday, 9/10 – Friday, 9/11

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“Adjectives, 9/10 (9/11).” (5p) Copy the underlined word in each sentence and write “adj.” or “not adjective.” (Bonus Opportunity: If it’s not an adjective, say what it is!)

  1. With his silly attitude, he fits the role of the jester perfectly.
  2. With his silly attitude, he fits the role of the jester perfectly.
  3. I wonder how Vivian can afford to wear the very latest styles.
  4. Two-Bit nodded wisely. “Nice cut, too. Makes you look like a tough guy.”
  5. The llama is a quadruped with fins for swimming. (Bonus for +1: What does quadruped mean?)

KBARR Review.

KBARR Rubric:

  • Can tell you’ve read
  • Specific/uses examples
  • Shows thinking
  • Little Summarization
  • Effort

Sample responses.

  • I predict that when they went to there grandparents house in the woods that they will sneak out and get lost and have to find there way back. I also predict that there grandparents aren’t who they think they are. What I was thinking when I was reading was that them going to the middle of the woods with out their parents is a little sketchy.
  • I wish that Hana would just eat food. I know that she thinks not eating anything over 200  calories a day but not eating is making her ill. She fainted in the middle of a store when all she was doing was standing next to the front waiting for the whitish lady to bring her the herbs she wanted. I know that the author is just trying to spice up the story by making a girl that over works her body and wot eat to try to become better at ice skating but I really do hate seeing people do that kind of stuff to there body. I really do hope the Hana uses that faint as a wakeup call to get her to start taking better care of her body and not over exerting herself while ice skating.
  •  My book is all about urban farming which I can some what relate to because I come from a lot of farmers and my family has a garden of our own. I think anyone who loves gardening or farming and the hardships that farming involves will enjoy this book. I love the book but one thing that has me wondering is why did they choose to move too a ghetto part of Oakland where lots of violence and drugs occur? Especially if they want to be farmers why would they choose there? Another problem in the story is that they want to build a condo on the lot she is planting on but I predict that the condo is never going to get built because the start of construction is already past due date and because there are so many empty lots where people planned to build but never got to it.

“Vocab, 9/10 (9/11).”  (11p) Read #6 and #7 together as one sentence. No need to copy anything; write the appropriate vocabulary word. You may use words more than once. Always be prepared to explain your reasoning. (In breakout groups)


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. ____
  5. The gentleman _____(ly) opened the door for the ladies.
  6. At the party, he stood ______(ly) off to the side of the room, quietly watching the festivities.
  7. The paper said that the business man was a(n) ______ to society…
  8. …but _____(ly), he was secretly a gangster.
  9. common : elite :: cowardly : ______
  10. gain : freedom :: _____ : capture
  11. True or false? It would be ironic if a poor hobo spent his last dollar on a lottery ticket, and won.

Next Writing Assignment:

“Don’t tell us that the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.”
-Samuel Clemens

cool, pretty, fun, scary, weird, ugly
What does each of these things LOOK like?

These are actually opinions, NOT descriptions! (Yes, I know they are technically adjectives.)
What’s “cool” to you could be “gross” to me or your mom!
You need to show us what this looks, sounds, tastes, smells, feels like!

Describe in detail what this might LOOK/SOUND like:
Compare two examples

“My Room is Such a Mess” due next Friday, 9/18 for Periods 1,2,3 and due Monday, 9/21 for Periods 5,6.

Show me the most nightmarish room imaginable. I want to feel, see, hear, taste (ewww), smell everything.
1 page (350+ words), ink, ndp, titlemess(y), gross, disgusting, dirty, stinky, etc. No opinions, just WDILL*? (* WDILL = What does it look like?)

Share your doc with me by the above dates.

Outsiders aloud.