Monday 9/14 (pers. 1,2,3) and Tuesday, 9/15 (pers. 5,6)

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Warm Up During Roll. Answer in the chat, BUT DO NOT PRESS ENTER UNTIL I TELL YOU TO!!!

Use the word running as a noun in a sentence.

Reminder: I will be checking KBARR charts today. KBARR is DAILY, even when you don’t have me.

“Adjectives, 9/14 (9/15).” (6p) Copy the underlined word and say whether it is an adjective or not.

  1. savvy Kal-El  knew just what to do. (Solo Bonus for +1: who is Kal El?)
  2. The running criminal was finally tackled.
  3. The running criminal was finally tackled.
  4. He is an elite quarterback in the NFL.
  5. “He liked fights, blondes, and for some unfathomable reason, school.”
  6. “He liked fights, blondes, and for some unfathomable reason, school.”

“Vocabulary, 9/14 (9/15).”  All blanks are vocabulary words except #12. Groups.

Serena Williams shows disgust and contempt irony-guide-dogs-blind-read-wytch-demotivational-posters-1314762209 543253ddcff76.image 

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. The Socs are the _____ social class in 1967 Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  6. Maybe his cold unfeeling exterior is simply a _____ that hides his true feelings.
  7. Pony _____(ed) at the thought of his brother being a drop-out. It was a painful memory.
  8. mask : facade :: resource : _____
  9. “Guess what I’ve been in jail for?” asked Dally, grinning ____(ly).
  10. Pony can’t understand why the Socs are so ______ of the greasers. “Why do they hate us so much?”
  11. It would be ironic if you suddenly decided not to get on a plane, and then the plane crashed.  True / False
  12. The root cred, as in incredulous and incredible, means to _______.

Bonus: If incredulous means you can’t believe something, what kind of person does credulous describe? (Don’t say, “You CAN believe it.” It’s more than that.)

Messy Room review.

“My Room is Such a Mess” due Friday, 9/18 for Periods 1,2,3 and due Monday, 9/21 for Periods 5,6.

Show me the most nightmarish room imaginable. I want to feel, see, hear, taste (ewww), smell everything.
1 page (350+ words), ink, ndp, titlemess(y), gross, disgusting, dirty, stinky, etc. No opinions, just WDILL*? (* WDILL = What does it look like?)

The Outsiders aloud.

Save 5 minutes at the end to check KBARR CHARTS. Create new ones for this week: 9/14-9/18.
Periods 1,2,3: You should have 4 lines filled out today (Monday, 9/14)!
Periods 5,6: You should have 3 lines in last week’s chart, and already have at least 1 in this week’s chart (for Monday, 9/14).