Wednesday, 10/7 (Per. 1,2,3) – Thursday, 10/8 (Per. 5,6)

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ROLL: Check in in CHAT with a sentence about Ponyboy that has the word because in it!

What “day” is it in this class?

Go over homework. Let’s talk PERFECTION!

Debrief Test #3.

The Levitating Comma! The Apostrophe!

Question: What are the three uses for apostrophes? Answer in chat.

  1. Contractions: is + not = isn’t  (Takes the place of a letter.)
  2. Possession: The book of Joe = Joe’s book
  3. Pluralize letters and words used as words:  All A’s on my report card. 1’s and 0’s.


“Apostrophes, 10/7 (10/8).”
Copy only the bold-faced, underlined part. Write the correct form of the word for each blank. You might have to pluralize and/or possessify. YOU get ONE S.

  1. The  _____ car is equipped with laser cannons. (spy)
  2. _____ going to the store for llama cheese. (they)
  3. _____ going with them?  (who)
  4. All the ____ clothing is on the second floor. (woman)
  5. We have three _____ in the class. (Jesus)
  6.  “_____ all go to the lobby!”  (Let)
  7. All the _____ costumes were hilarious. (more than one lady)
  8. Try not to use too many ____ in your essay. It gets repetitive. (and)

The Outsiders aloud! p30 —>