Friday, 11/6 (Per. 1,2,3) – Monday, 11/9 (Per. 5,6)

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Check-in in Chat: Combine the following SIMPLE sentences into a 1) COMPLEX sentence and then a 2) COMPOUND sentence. Yes, you may add, subtract, or change words.

The llama usually got seasick.    He lived on a houseboat.


“S/CD/CX/FRAG, 11/6 (11/9)″ The test will look like this!  * = the hard ones.  boldfaced = hint.

  1. The llama thought he was OK until he wasn’t.
  2. The llama was being crabby, so his mom ignored him.
  3. Even though he knew it was a mistake, the llama ate the doughnut anyway.
  4. The crew checked the llama, and the captain prepared it for the sea.
  5. *The llama climbed slowly up the very steep hill.
  6. *When you use a dependent clause as a sentence.
  7. *His doctor recommended buying a llama and going water-skiing.
  8. BONUS FOR +1: When you combine two INDEPENDENT CLAUSES, but forget to use your COMMA AND YOUR FANBOY, that mistake is called a _____

“Vocabulary, 11/6 (11/9).” Each word used once. Tough one this time!

  1. One of the themes of The Outsiders is that what you _____ is not necessarily what the reality is.
  2. The amount of crime _____(ed) when police started patrolling the neighborhood more often.
  3. I would like to _____ these rumors by explaining what the facts are.
  4. The 5 hour Advanced Placement exam was very _______.
  5. She has a great _____ for companies that mistreat their workers and refuses to buy their products. (Bonus: What word do we use for that kind of protest?)
  6. The root origins of this word meant “curse and proclamation.” _____ (Hint: Who would make a proclamation?)
  7. The root origin of this word meant “cheerful.” _____
  8. The root origin of this word meant ” in large letters.” _____
  9. The root origin of this word meant “turned against.” _____
  10. The root origin of this word meant “digestion.” _____
  11. The root origin of this word meant ”balanced and straight and true.” ______

The Outsiders! Chapter 6!