Wednesday, 12/2 (Per. 1,2,3), Thursday, 12/3 (Per. 5,6)

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“In addition, some identities are stigmatized. Examples could include a person with AIDS, a homeless person, or a person struggling with substance abuse.”

  1. Why did the author include this idea? Public.

to illustrate how social identity can be a negative factor,
to explain that some social identities are acquired by chance,
to suggest that society values some identities less than others,
to show the difference between social and personal identity

2. Connect this with OutsidersPrivate.

“Scrambles and Transitions, 12/2 (12/3).” The bold-faced words are “transition words” that smooth your combined sentences. SO, do not begin with them 😉

  1. however  –many books  –I would like  –I don’t have  –to read  –enough time
  2. nevertheless  –seems effective  –more research  –to see  –the medication  –must be done  — if it’s safe
  3. –in fact  — at all  –a beast  –a gentle giant  –is not  –that llama  –he is

Show Me Your Defs!

“Vocabulary , 12/2 (12/3).”


  1. _____ “Where’s the ‘Any’ key?”
  2. _____ (Bonus for this guy’s name.)
  3. _____ (Bonus for what this type of bandage is called.)
  4. _____
  5. (2) Which two vocabulary words this week have prefixes that mean not?
  6. The codeine in your cough syrup is a ______ of the same plant that is used to make heroin. (Bonus for what plant.)
  7. Their relationship was rather _____, with many ups, downs, and in-betweens over the years.
  8. Which vocabulary word has a prefix that means again?
  9. Unlike the Socs, the greasers were considered to be _______ characters
  10. The carpenter we hired to build the shed was very ______; it was a well-built shed.
  11. Give an example of a derivative of the word child.


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