Friday, 12/4 (Per. 1,2,3) – Monday, 12/7 (Per. 5,6)

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Write a sentence about Ponyboy using the word nevertheless.

Happy Friday Video: Travel Goal. (Screen share.)

Periods 5,6: SGI TODAY (Monday,12/7):

  • Go to and log in. 
  • Follow the instructions for the Reading Skillz Check 1. You may do this anytime today. CHOOSE ONLY 1 ARTICLE!
  • If you don’t see the assignment, click the Assignments Tab.
  • If you were not here when we NEWSELA’ed last time, send me an email.

Husker Du? 12/4 (12/7) (Do You Remember?) Write the ANSWER.

  1. We have three ______ in our class. (Morris)
  2. The upstairs library is a great place to quietly study.  List the Adjectives.
  3. us: a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person
  4. That moment when you realize that your llama just wrote a run on sentence.  Fragment, Run On, Correct Sentence
  5. Up, up, and away went my beautiful llama balloon.  Fragment, Run On, Correct Sentence
  6. The llama thought he was ok until he wasn’t.  simple, compound, complex

“Vocab, 12/4 (12/7)” 

  1.  (Lawyer’s Office) “This is the letter A. It’s the first letter of the alphabet. So much for the initial consultation. Further advice requires $1000.” ______
  2. (Giant wave and huge storm.)_____
  3. (Mickey being pulled along by the aroma of a cake.) _____
  4. (Pic of willow tree bark and bottle of aspirin.) _____
  5. responsible : disreputable :: calm : ____ (Bonus: Add -ing to another vocab word, and it becomes a 2nd correct answer!)
  6. I cannot ____ someone who cheats. He or she will face consequences.
  7. Winning the lottery is not always the _____ people think it will be.
  8. Some people think it’s a good idea to build a giant fence to try to _____ the flow of illegal drugs and immigrants.
  9. On the last day of school, the screams of joy will _____ in the hallways.
  10. He bought his computer from a(n) ____ dealer, and when it broke the next day, they told him he was out of luck. (Not sham.)
  11. We must all ____ by the same rules.
  12. The word midwife is a ______ of the Middle English words meaning “with woman.” (Bonus: What’s a midwife?)


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