Thursday, 1/28 (Periods 1,2,3) – Friday, 1/29 (Periods 5,6)

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Periods 5,6: Send your KBARR ChartPic this afternoon (Friday, 1/29)!

SGI: Anyone who scores <18 come back and we will talk retake. 5th Period @ 1:30, 6th Period @ 2:00.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL: KBARR Responding is getting mighty lazy! You might notice me coming for you in the forum. So, the responding part of KBARR is now more valuable than the chart. Response = 25, Chart =10. Get to thinking and writing!

Vocab numbers in Chat: ___/13, ___/13

Mental Floss in Chat. (PRIVATE!!!!!)

  1. From what can you take away the whole, and still have some left?
  2. I am more microscopic than microscopic; I am more minuscule than minuscule. I am smaller than small and I am tinier than tiny. Yet surprisingly, I am still big. What am I?
  3. Wacky Wordy. What 6-word phrase is represented?

  4. Wacky Wordy: What does this represent? (2 words, one hyphenated)
    1. Do Do
    2. Dew Dew
    3. Due Due
  5. If men have two hands, and monkeys have four hands, what has three hands?
  6. A cat had three kittens: Mopsy, Topsy, and Spot. What was the mother’s name. Remember to please capitalize the name of the momma kitty when you write.
  7. What do these three things have in common? Corn, Weasel, Balloon

Test #10 -Period 1

Test #10 -Period 2

Test #10 -Period 3

Test #10 -Period 5

Test #10 -Period 6


You can scroll down for links to “Old Glory” and “The Forecast” if you need them. You may also use your Maus book.

SGI: Anyone who scores <18 come back and we will talk retake. 5th Period @ 1:30, 6th Period @ 2:00.

Tuesday, 1/26 (Periods 1,2,3) – Wednesday, 1/27 (Periods 5,6)

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Check in in chat: PRIVATE: Hold up your notebook and show mw and then…Type your best two SMYK’s. NOT SAW OR ICONIC!

Test #10 is Thursday, 1/28 for Periods 1,2,3 and Friday, 1/29 for Periods 5,6.

Preview is here: Test10-2020Preview.

“Vocab, 1/26 (1/27)

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. Abby is a _____ form of Abigail.
  5. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are _____ figures in American history.
  6. She faced a _____ about turning in her friend for cheating.
  7. The villagers sacrificed a >_____< to try to _____ their angry god. (>___< = Previous vocab word = bonus.)
  8. The amount of work required in an Honors class can be quite _____.
  9. The dream was so ____ that I fell out of bed trying to fly.
  10. inspiring : daunting :: stable : ______
  11. skinflint : benevolent :: ______ : easy
  12. (2) Mr. Scrooge (“Bah, Humbug”) is the ____  _____.

What’s the difference between Pluto and Goofy?

New Vocab Word: anthropomorphic – human shaped.  (anthro = human, morph = shape)
Variation: anthropomorphism – the tendency to give human traits to other animals.

Example: Art Spiegelman uses anthropomorphic cats and mice to represent the Nazis and the Jews.

Maus by Art Spiegelman. Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1992. It took him 13 years; 8 years for Part I.


Read the first two pages:

IN CHAT (PRIVATE): Translate his father’s last sentence into a normal English sentence.  What does he mean?


  • Art, aka Artie, aka Art Spiegelman: The author, Vladek’s son
  • Mala: Vladek’s current wife. Also a survivor like Vladek. She married Vladek after Anja died.
  • Anja (Zylberberg) Spiegelman: Artie’s mom, Vladek’s first wife and true love. Survived the war like Vladek, but committed suicide when Artie was 20 something.
  • Lucia Greenberg: An old girlfriend of Vladek’s from before the war.
  • The Zylberbergs: Anja’s parents. Rich before the war.

Read aloud drama stylie!


Friday, 1/22 (Periods 1,2,3) – Monday, 1/25 (Periods 5,6)

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Slides link for Homies (1/25):

Check-in in Chat: PRIVATE!

  1. What did you predict was in Gran-Da’s bag?
  2. What does the word anti-Semitism mean? (NO GOOGLE! YOU SHOULD KNOW IT FROM THE NEWSELA ARTICLE!)



Book Link:

SGI FRIDAY, 1/22 (Periods 1,2,3) – MONDAY, 1/25 (Periods 5,6): NEWSELA PART 2:

Show me your defns!

“Vocab, 1/22 (1/25)”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. forgettable : iconic :: emotional : _______
  6. She has high ______(ations). She wants to rule the world.
  7. huge : diminutive :: inspiring : ______
  8. The root of this word means “life.” _____
  9. Reading Shakespeare for the first time can be rather ______.
  10. (2) They tried to ______ the angry and _____ mob by telling them their concerns would be addressed.
  11. “Dig and be dug in return” is Langston Hughes’s version of the old ____ about treating others how you want to be treated.
  12. Fifth Period tried to ____ Mr. Coward’s anger with cookies.


Finish “Old Glory.”

“Old Glory” Document.

“Old Glory” Questions. Answer in chat. PRIVATELY! You also might want to write the answers down in your notebook, because I will be rerunning them on the Test next wee!

  1. On the surface, who are we initially supposed to think is the protagonist (hero) of the story? If we dig deeper, who is REALLY the protagonist?
  2. Conflict #1: ____ v _____  Conflict #2: ____ v _____
  3. What right did the SOS law take away?
  4. Why did Donald turn Grand-Da in? (Hint: Look at the title of his essay.)
  5. Explain the last line: “What kind of world would that be?” (Use a previous vocab word!)
  6. What do you think the main message of the story is?


“The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury. Link to the story:

  1. How are “The Forecast” and “The Pedestrian” connected in meaning?
  2. Which character/person doesn’t belong with the others?  Why?  a) Mr. Mead  b) Gran-Da  c) Ponyboy  d) Donald  e) Emily Dickinson’s narrators


Wednesday, 1/20 (Periods 1,2,3) – Thursday, 1/21 (Periods 5,6)


Welcome to the Second Semester! (And a fresh start!)

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Check in in Chat (PUBLIC): What did you do for FUN this past weekend?

Book Link:

Homework for the “Week.”  Only Vocab and the NEWSELA article.  KBARR resumes Monday, 1/25.

Euphemism (noun – U FEM ISM): 
A “nice” way of saying something  unpleasant.
The prefix eu- means “good.” Example: “passed on” = died, “put to sleep” = killed

IN CHAT (PRIVATE): What do you think these euphemisms mean?

  1. visually disabled =
  2. solid waste =
  3. governmental revenue ($) enhancement
  4. encore telecast
  5. economically disadvantaged =
  6. undocumented transborder migrant =
  7. vertically challenged =
  8. intentionally inaccurate statement  =
  9. friendly fire =

IN CHAT (PUBLIC) – Why would we use euphemisms? 

The Forecast. by Dan Jaffe

Perhaps our age has driven us indoors.
We sprawl in the semi-darkness, dreaming sometimes
Of a vague world spinning in the wind.
But we have snapped our locks, pulled down our shades,
Taken all precautions. We shall not be disturbed.
If the earth shakes, it will be on a screen;
And if the prairie wind spills down our streets
And covers us with leaves, the weatherman will tell us.


In Chat (PUBLIC):

  1. The word forecast in the poem refers to the weatherman’s forecast, but it also adds another meaning for the poem. What else is the poem forecasting?
  2. This poem was written in the 1960’s! How does it relate to our world?

Everyone talks about the Freedom of Speech and the “1st Amendment.”  Why is the sixth one especially important too?
The Sixth Amendment establishes a number of rights of the defendant in a criminal trial:

to a speedy and public trial
to trial by an impartial jury
to be informed of criminal charges
to confront witnesses
to compel witnesses to appear in court
to assistance of counsel[109]

“Old Glory”

The average Londoner (before COVID) was caught of surveillance cams 300 times per day!

IN CHAT (PUBLIC): Is that ok?



What is “Old Glory” a nickname for? What is Uncle Sam the nickname for?

Read aloud together.

“Old Glory” Document.

What would a “Civic Responsibility” class be all about? Note the title and date!





Thursday, 1/14 (Periods 5,6) – Friday, 1/15 (Periods 1,2,3)

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Last Day of the Semester! No SGI today; no point!

Send your KBARR chart TODAY as soon as you do your reading!



We will be starting a new book next semester, and you need a copy. Follow the link to sign up and then come get your copy!

MAUS Book Link:


SCORES in CHAT: Just Vocab: ___/15, ___/15,  ___/13

Mental Floss. Respond PRIVATELY in chat!

  1. Shmartiopolis was bragging to his friends that he was such an excellent darts player, he could hit the dartboard in any location at any time. “I’ll bet a hundred dollars that, no matter what position you name on the board, I’ll be able to hit it from 10 feet away.” Maddy, tired of Shmartiopolis’s bragging, shouted out an answer and won the bet. Where on the dartboard did Maddy suggest? 
  2. Wacky Wordies:  a)  b) 22Day
  3. What 8-letter word uses the letter “g” four times?
  4. A tennis player is ranked number 200. He moved up 87, went down 28, and went up 117 places. What is he ranked?
  5. A doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same woman, an attractive girl with the unusual name of Pibbles. The bus driver had to go on a long bus trip that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Pibbles seven apples. Why?
  6. Use the clues below to figure out the missing four words to complete the old expression:
    Baby = Slept peacefully.  Child = Slept well.   Woman = Slept restlessly.   Man = Slept peacefully.
    —>The man ___  ___  ___  ___.



TEST 9 – Period 5

TEST 9 – Period 6

TEST 9 – Period 1

TEST 9 – Period 2

TEST 9 – Period 3


Here are the Emily Dickinson poems again for reference.

Much Madness is divinest Sense–
To a discerning Eye–
Much Sense–the starkest Madness–
‘Tis the Majority
In this, as All, prevail–
Assent–and you are sane–
Demur–you’re straightway dangerous–
And handled with a Chain–
I’m Nobody! Who are you?
Are you–Nobody–too?
Then there’s a pair of us!
Don’t tell! they’d banish us–you know!How dreary–to be–Somebody!
How public–like a Frog–
To tell your name–the livelong June–
To an admiring Bog!
If I can stop one Heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain
If I can ease one life the Aching
Or cool one Pain
Or help one fainting Robin
Unto his Nest again
I shall not live in Vain.
Fame is a bee
It has a song–
It has a sting–
Ah, too, it has a wing.