Wednesday, 2/3 (Periods 1,2,3) – Thursday, 2/4 (Periods 5,6)

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Check in in Chat (PUBLIC!): Copy/Paste last night’s KBARR response. If you didn’t do it, say so. This should have been your third one for the week!

SGI (2/4): Opportunity to get ideas for your 600 words/week. I will provide topics and ideas to get you going. No need to stay the whole time; I’ma just going to jump-start you. Also if you have issues or zeros or just have a question. Otherwise go do your KBARR and your SMYK’s. Also, I want to see you if you STILL don’t have a MAUS book yet.

Open or start your 600 Words document. If you haven’t already shared it with me, do so now. These sentences count toward your quota.

I noticed some of you not being completely original in your ramblings. Ummm… that’s sort of the point! You WILL get a zero if (WHEN) I catch you plagiarizing!

“Sentence Combining, 2/3 (2/4).” Remember, you may add, subtract and rearrange as much as you want.  There are many ways to do this one. They all count toward 600 words. Try to make it a COMPLEX (although, because, since…) sentence. Do a word count and type the number when you are finished.

He was our English teacher.
We were in middle school.
He was scary.
He was funny.
He sometimes yelled.
We learned a lot.

Special Guest: “I like turtles.” (screen share)

(in notebook) “Vocab, 2/3 (2/4)” a) prestige  b) deprive  c) disheveled  d) suave  e) affectation  f) non sequitur  g) acute  h) prevalent  i) ideology  j) zealous

  1. ____ (Bonus for who this is.)
  2. ____
  3. _____ (He’s excited, not angry.)
  4. _____
  5. The Nazi _____ included racial purity.
  6. A heart attack is a(n) ____ sign of an ongoing disease.
  7. His accent was a(n) ____; he wasn’t really from France.
  8. (see #7) He just thought it made him sound _______.
  9. Right now Covid is so ______ that we can’t have in-person school.
  10. “I like turtles” is funny because the line is such a(n) _____.
  11. The Queen of England has ____ but no real power.
  12. During the period between Mardis Gras and Easter, you are supposed to _____ yourself of something you like. It’s supposed to be a difficult thing to do.  (Bonus: What is this period of time called? Bonus 2: What does Mardis Gras mean?)



(if time) Maus Questions.  For 4-7: Vladek , Mala , Anja , Anja’s mom (Mrs. Zylberberg), Anja’s dad (Mr. Zylberberg), Art Spiegelman, Lucia Greenberg.

  1. Why does Anja want to break up with Vladek before they get engaged?
  2. What promise to his father does Artie break?
  3. Why does Vladek threaten to end the marriage with Anja?
  4. p20, panel 1, the person with the cigarette.
  5. p21, last panel, the person talking
  6. p30, panel 1, the only person in the frame.
  7. p31, last panel, the one with the cigarette.

Vladek aloud.