Tuesday, 2/23 (Periods 1,2,3) – Wednesday, 2/24 (Periods 5,6)

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Check In in Chat.  PRIVATE. Vladek Check. You also might want to write them down because… you know.

  1. Vladek thinks Mala cares only about… (1 word)
  2. How does Vladek’s father-in-law (Anja’s dad) help him after his first close call on the street?
  3. What character “survived me my life” according Vladek when he hid Vladek in his apartment during a roundup? (Vladek’s second close call.)
  4. What does Vladek suggest that Anja refuses?

Test #12 is Thursday for Periods 1,2,3 and Friday for Periods 5,6. Here is the Preview: Test12-2021-Preview
Your Interview Notes are due Monday, March 1 (Periods 1,2,3) or Tuesday, March 2 (Periods 5,6). Please share the Doc with me AFTER you have completed the interview.
NO SGI Today: Faculty Meeting.

“Clauses in Chat.” (7p)  PRIVATE!!!! You don’t have to, but I would write my answers in my notebook too because this is basically the section on the Test.

  1. (2) By definition, a clause must have a ___ and a ____
  2. A Dependent Clause wrongly used as a sentence is called a _______.
  3. A sentence with a Dependent clause and an Independent clause is called a ______ sentence.
  4. Two Independent clauses properly connected is called a _____ sentence.
  5. (2) To properly connect two Independent clauses you need a _____ and a _______.

“Vocab 2/23 (2/24)”
succumb, subsist, presumptuous, avant-garde, reproach, cathartic, frugal, cobble, futile, dissemble, ambivalent

  1. _____  (It’s a paper clip. The subheading says, “The only tool you’ll ever need.”)
  2. _____
  3. _____ (Several answers justifiable.)
  4. She blamed him for the incident and always looked at him with _____ afterwards.
  5. Vladek _____(es) Artie for using too many wooden matches…
  6. …because he is too “_____” to buy them.
  7. During the TV marathon, we _____(ed) for two days on chips, pizza, and Dr. Pepper.
  8. Sometimes it’s tough to not ______ to peer pressure.
  9. In The Outsiders, when we referred to a façade, we were saying that the person was _____(ing) about their true feelings.
  10. The prefix of this word means “before.” ______
  11. The root of this word means “to clean out.” _____
  12. The prefix of this word means “both.”_____