Tuesday, 10/13 (Per. 1,2,3) – Wednesday, 10/14 (Per. 5,6)

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EVERYONE comes back this afternoon for me to check SMYK’s.

Afternoon MINUTES 10/13 (10/14): As you enter, I will give you a word, look at your SMYK’s and type the corresponding SMYK sentence in the chat. 

Check-in in Chat: Type the sentence below, fixing any and all mistakes.

the best song on the album my love is like a cheese is love baby kiss doll.

Use < > for italics/underlining.

You should have:

  • 2 days of KBARR in a new chart
  • 2 responses in the new forum
  • SMYK’s
  • Sent me a pic of last week’s chart; 10/5 – 10/9.

EVERYONE comes back this afternoon for me to check SMYK’s.

Period 1 : 1:00   Period 2 : 1:30  Period 3 : 2:00

Period 5 : 1:30  Period 6: 2:00

Title in Notebook: “Apostrophe’s +, 10/13 (10/14).”
Instructions. COPY the boldfaced part and write the correct form of the word at the end in the blank. Not all of them will need an apostrophe.

  1. Spend as long washing ____ hands… (you)
  2. …as it takes to say the _____. (ABC)
  3. We had four ______ in class. (Jake)
  4. The____ clothes are on the second floor (more than 1 child)
  5. Five ____ parents will be guests of honor.  (student)
  6. ______ hair is pretty cool.  (Elvis)
  7. I think that llama is _____.   (they)
  8. The ______ live down the street from us.  (Jones)
  9. I think ____ OK. (they)
  10. Is the title spelled correctly?

Title in Notebook: “Sentence SCRAMBLE, 10/13 (10/14).”
Instructions: Use every word. Do not break up the pieces. Rearrange the chunks until you get the right-sounding sentence. Write it down. You don’t even need a comma if you do it correctly!

  • that the doctor
  • if we didn’t
  • we stayed with you
  • told us
  • in the hospital ourselves
  • we were going to
  • get some sleep
  • end up
  • so much

Title in Notebook: “Vocab, 10/13 (10/14).”  (11p) 

discreet, discrete, vain, elicit, illicit, hysterical, dumbfounded, patronize, stamina,  reluctant

1. 2.Hystl-300x214 3. illicit-1 4.   discreet discrete

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. (2) Which pair of words? ______ and ______. (Yes, the order matters.)
  5. “You’re so ____. You probably think this song is about you.”
  6. S.E. Hinton has said that she didn’t have the ____ to be a teacher. Worrying about the kids’ problems wore her out.
  7. It was very (in)____ to cheat on a test and then brag.
  8. Johnny and Two-Bit were _____ by what Pony said about Darry being mean.
  9. The root of this word means “to struggle against.”  ______
  10. Every time Dr. Pavlov rang a bell, he _____(ed) a response from the dog, who thought he was going to be fed.



The Outsiders to the end of chapter 3+

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