Tuesday, 10/27 (Per. 1,2,3) – Wednesday, 10/28 (Per. 5,6)

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Check in in chat – Answer Privately! Use your Plot Mountain diagram.  Answer like this: _____, ______.
1. This is usually the longest part of the story, where most of the action occurs. ______.
2. The _______ sets the story in motion.


Mistake/Surprise Essay due Thursday for Periods 1,2,3 and Friday for Periods 5,6.
Test-05 is Thursday for Periods 1,2,3 and Friday for Periods 5,6. 


AFTERNOON SGI: People with zeros or grade issues and anyone who’s having trouble with the Mistake/Surprise essay.


  • CLAUSE is a group of words that contain a subject and a verb.
  • An INDEPENDENT CLAUSE can stand alone as sentence.  (IND)
  • DEPENDENT CLAUSE cannot stand alone as a sentence.  (DEP)

Title in Notebook: “Clauses, 10/27 (10/28).”
Instructions: For each boldfaced, underlined group of words say whether it is an Independent Clause (IND), a Dependent Clause (DEP), or NOT A CLAUSE (NOT) at all.

  1. Since I ate a doughnut, I felt blissful.
  2. The llama climbed slowly up the very steep hill.
  3. Jimmy ate a doughnut; he got sick.
  4. There are some things in life that we’ll never know 
  5. You must say, “Sir,” when you say, “Mr. Coward.” 
  6. I ate a second doughnut, and I still felt good.
  7. The llama won the race although the tortoise was a faster runner.
  8. Joe ran to the store with his llama.
  9. When the llama started his companyhe had nothing.  
  10. The llama is a quadruped with fins for swimming.
  11. BONUS FOR +1: When you use a DEPENDENT CLAUSE as a sentence, the mistake is called a _______.

“Vocab, 10/27 (10/28).”
michael-maslin-hey-don-t-blame-me-i-don-t-make-the-laws-i-just-circumvent-them-new-yorker-cartoonpremonitionIt was ugs discovery...but it would be exploited by others.   

  1. “Don’t blame me! I don’t make the laws, I just _____them!”
  2.  “What’s a _____, Joey?” “I knew you were going to say that!”
  3. It was Ug’s discovery, but it would be____(ed) by others.
  4. I was _____ and bored when Mom made me go to my sister’s ballet recital.
  5. Dally’s [_____] ______(s) have landed him in jail more than once.   [  ] = one of last week’s vocab words = extra credit.
  6. The school newspaper has been __ for a long while, but they hope to revive it next year.
  7. Grandpa Simpson likes to ____ about his days as a young man when things were “better.”
  8. The greasers and the Socs have agreed to a sort of _____-fire before the rumble. They have agreed not to fight until the big one.
  9. The large farm owners are often accused of ____(ing) the workers who pick the crops.
  10. obey : ignore :: predict : ______

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