Monday, 11/30 (Per. 1,2,3) – Tuesday, 12/1 (Per. 5,6)

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Check in in Chat: Type an example of a 1) simple, 2) compound, and 3) complex sentence.

Homework. Vocab and KBARR. Duh.

Warm Up 11/30 (12/1). Proofreading. For each sentence, choose from:  fragment, run on, apostrophe or plural error, word misuse, spelling, no mistake

1) Yesterday, I downloaded from iTunes the album My Love is Like a Cheese, it’s by the band Love Baby Kiss Doll.   2) I thought I’d like it alot, and I did.  3) Your phone or music player should have this album on it.   4) Are you going to buy only one album this year? It should be this one.  5) If you’re into space country music and stuff like that, then you will especially like this.
6) Although there are many cordial songs, my favorite song on the album is called “Take the Skinheads Bowling.” 7) Its a very wistful song about missing the good ol’ days bowling with punk rock dudes.   8) Do you remember those days? I wouldn’t think that you would.   9)  This song also has an abundant of rocking guitars and a section featuring Jay-Z that really enhances the whole thing.  10) Overall, this album would be a compelling addition to you’re music collection.

“Social Identity,” 11/30 (12/1)

Read NEWSELA: Social Groups… like greasers and Socs.

Read the article and take the quiz. Also write the answers in your notebook.  You have 10 minutes for all!

Click the class code for your class. Login with Google. Click Assignments. Click “What is Social Identity?”

Period 1: VDWUQK

Period 2: DPPQ8A

Period 3: 4UEZ28

Period 5: BSFE8Z

Period 6: QEDCAS

When finished: IN CHAT, PRIVATE.

Name a few current examples of “social identity groups” like you just read about.

The Outsiders Aloud!

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