Wednesday, 2/10 (Periods 1,2,3) – Thursday, 2/11 (Periods5,6)

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Check-in In Chat PRIVATE! PRIVATE! Vladek Quiz.

  1. Why did Vladek’s father always try to keep him and his brothers out of the army?
  2. How many battles did Vladek fight in as a soldier?
  3. How does the German officer know that Vladek isn’t used to physical labor?
  4. Which quote explains why Vladek volunteered for the work camp?  (You may use the letter.)  A) “I’ll be clean, and I’ll feel warm by comparison.”  B) “I want to be treated like a human being.”  C) “My commander made me…”  D) “If we have to die here, let’s die here.”  E) NOTA
  5. What kind of work does Vladek do for the Germans in the work camp?

SGI Thursday: Zero Clearing. Maus book Issues.
Remember: You only need 3 KBARRS this week!
NEW 600 Words is Due BY Tuesday, 2/16.
Test #11 is Friday, 2/12 for Periods 1,2,3 and Tuesday, 2/16 for Periods 5,6. Here is the Preview: Test11-Preview.
EC VOCAB COUNTS for 6o0 words IF it is dated and titled properly

“Vocab 2/10 (2/11).” Each word used  EXACTLY ONCE!!!!

  1. The root of this word was Latin for not in sequence. _____
  2. The root of this word was Latin for agreeable. ______
  3. The root of this word was Latin for needle. _____
  4. The root of this word was Old French for hair. _____
  5. The root of this word was Latin for influence. _____
  6. *The root of this word was Latin for trickery or illusion. _______
  7. The root of this word was Latin for form or pattern. _____
  8. Covid is so ______ now that everyone knows someone who’s had it.
  9. In “Old Glory” the SOS law _____(ed) people of their right to a fair trial. (Bonus what number Amendment to the Constitution is this?)
  10. The Tampa Bay fans were ______ in their support for their team and celebrated crazily after the win.

INTERVIEW Intro!  Preliminary  interview2021 Questions due Wednesday, 2/17 for periods 1,2,3 and Thursday, 2/18 for periods 5,6. COUNTS for 600 words.


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