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Seventh Grade English!  Mr. Coward     Room D5
Laguna Middle School         Fall 2018            mcoward@slcusd.org   

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Seventh Grade English with  Mr. Coward.  Room D5, Laguna Middle School.  Fall 2016.         

This is English Seven. My name is Mr. Coward, and I have been teaching seventh grade at Laguna since 1993. This is a literature and non-fiction, standards-based class.  I emphasize thinking skills, vocabulary, fluent reading, and writing. We will use technology in a variety of ways. This is also a skills class where practice makes perfect.  

The class website (middleschool.mrcoward.com) has everything you need to know about the class in one handy location! Every handout! Every quiz. Every test. ALL the homework. The site is updated DAILY.  All the homework for the week is assigned on Monday (or the first day of the week if there’s a holiday) and posted by 7:30 am. Check for updates throughout the week, especially if you have been absent (physically OR mentally). I might postpone or update an assignment.

What to Do If You are Absent – Go Online! middleschool.mrcoward.com or lams.slcusd.org  

The web page is updated every day by 7:30 a.m. Whenever you are absent, use the calendar (“What We Did That Day”) and click the dates you were gone. Do what we did in class that day as best you can (IN YOUR NOTEBOOK) and show everything to me (IN YOUR NOTEBOOK) when you return. Read and follow the instructions carefully! Be prepared with questions about whatever you didn’t understand. In fact, even if you miss a test, you can just go online, print it, and take it at home. Have Mom sign it to say you did it on your own, and you’re good to go when you return!  Check the web page often.  If you don’t have web access, at least do your KBARR, and go to the library and use their computers when you get back!

Grades! Do the work and the grade will take care of itself. Almost everything we do in this class is graded.  There will be a weekly test on Fridays. The various district assessments will also be considered part of the grade. Grading Scale:  A 90-100%, B 80-89%, C 70-79%, D 60-69%. Check your grade by visiting Powerschool. You should check your grade often and make sure that your grade is what you think it is. See me immediately if you think there’s a discrepancy.

One day late = -25%. Two days late = -50%.  After that, bring cookies and hope you get something.  😉

CLASS RULES! Luckily, there aren’t that many to remember!

  • Always bring your spiral notebook and something to write with, EVERY DAY, because we will be writing in it every day. All classwork and KBAR goes in this notebook, and it will be audited for completeness from time to time.
  • Always bring to class whatever book we are reading. (You’ll need it, and there’s a penalty if you don’t bring it.)
  • Always respect the opinions of others and their right to be heard. That means no interruptions or insults. (Also, no “This is boring!” or “That’s Not Fair!” This class is neither boring nor unfair.)
  • ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  It is a continuation of what we do in class as well as an introduction to tomorrow. (Also it is the single most important part of your grade!)

CLASS NOVELS! (*Subject to Change.)

The Outsiders  S.E. Hinton
*Tom Sawyer    Mark Twain
The Midwife’s Apprentice   Karen Cushman
*The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle  Avi
*The Martian Chronicles  Ray Bradbury
The Giver   Lois Lowry
Maus  Art Spiegelman




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