Homework 2020-2021

Since classes meet every other day, what used to be a week, is now two.

“Week of” 9/8 – 9/21.

  • KBARR begins! Read 25 minutes EVERY SCHOOL DAY, get chart signed (in notebook), respond 4-5 sentences on the Forums EVERY SCHOOL DAY. (Here are some more ideas for responding.) That means 4 responses and 4 lines in the chart by end of the day on Friday!
  • Vocabulary: 
    • Definitions due Thursday, 9/10 for Pers 1-3, due Friday, 9/11 for Pers 5,6.
    • SMYK’s due Monday, 9/14 for Pers 1-3, due Tuesday, 9/15 for Pers 5,6
  • “My Room is Such a Mess” due next Friday, 9/18 for Periods 1-3, due Monday, 9/21 for Pers 5,6. Details Thursday, Friday.


“Week” of 8/24-9/4.

  • Vocabulary due Wednesday/Friday (pers 1-3)  and Thursday/Monday (pers 4-6). (See sheet.) HANDWRITTEN IN NOTEBOOK!
  • Get a spiral notebook (for English only) by Tuesday/Wednesday.
  • Get a KBARR book this week.
  • Due Thursday, 9/3-Friday, 9/4: Short Slang Paragraph. Share a Google Doc with me by then.