Online Instructions

FastBridge Assessments.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login with GOOGLE, and login.
  3. Click CONTINUE TO PORTAL (Blue Button)
  4. On the left, click Fastbridge Learning
  5. First you will take aReading. It should take about 30 minutes or so.
  6. Then click the AutoReading Button.
  7. Start with the Warm Up first. These are very short with a TIME LIMIT!
  8. Then do all the green ones.
  9. You’re finished!

I. Registering for the Forums.

  1. Follow the link for the forums from the main webpage or click here:
  2. In the upper left corner above the boxes, click the word REGISTER.
  3. Use your real first and last name for your username. Do not check the box that says “Allow users to email me.”  Use your school email address.
  4. Choose a simple password or make it the same as your Test Password which is your 6-digit student number.
  5. You only have to register once.

II. Posting in the KBARR Forums.

  1. Log in and click on the appropriate KBARR Forum for the current weeks.
  2. The first time you post: Click NEW TOPIC. The TITLE SHOULD BE THE TITLE OF YOUR BOOK. Then make your first post.
  3. After that: DO NOT CREATE A NEW TOPIC! Just keep responding to the one you created until you finish that book.
  4. Sometimes you will be required to respond to other people’s topics, but you are always encouraged to check them out for book ideas.
  5. KBARR posts should be DAILY, M-F.

III. Posting in the Off Topic Forum.

  1. Have fun.
  2. Keep it school appropriate.
  3. Be nice.

III. Tests and Quizzes.

  1. Each class has its own web page for test and quizzes, linked to from the main page, AND each test will have its own link.
  2. Your Test/Quiz password is your 6-digit student number.