Thursday, 2/9: Husker Du, Sentence Combining, Vocab + Relay, Vladek

Tomorrow’s Test: Clauses One Mo’ Time, Husker Du, Vocab, Vladek.

Let’s practice!

“Husker Du, 2/9.”
1-6. What past test will come back to haunt you?!

“Sentence Combining, 2/9.”

  1. The llama usually got seasick. He lived on a houseboat. (CX)
  2. A girl rode her unicycle. Down the street is where she went. She had a llama-shaped balloon. (SIMPLE!)
  3. She likes pizza. The llama prefers salmon burgers. (CD)
  4. **(Bonus!)  The llama said, “BOO!”  Some people screamed. Other people laughed at her. (CD-CX)

“Vocab, 2/9.”
 people-awash-cash-22947694 lrg  HT-Grumpy-Baby crisis-bankruptcy28A1981600000578-3080366-image-a-19_1431539677497fqqs3dvcnbsiyrkwnram
1. _____  2. _____  3. _____ 4. _____ 5. _____  6. _____ 7. _____  (No, not hypochondria.)
8._______(ion) is another word for slavery.
9. Mrs. Krabapple on the Simpsons was a ______ who always thought she had the disease she was reading about.
10. Which word has a prefix that means not? _____
11. (2) The ______ customers needed someone to _____ for them to get their money back.


Vocabulary Relay!





Thursday, 2/1: Clauses (again), Vocab + Relay (duh), Interview Questions, Vladek

Tomorrow’s Test: S/CD/CX, vocab, Husker Du, Vladek.

Let’s see those interview questions!


  1. Prepare your questions in advance. Ask open ended questions.
  2. Don’t conduct an interview, have a conversation.
  3. Have Energy!
  4. Ask before you record.


“S/CD/CX, 2/2.”

  1.  Ziggy ate a doughnut.  –Add a phrase that describes the doughnut AND a dependent clause to make a complex sentence. (because, although)
  2.  The llama ran to Mom.  –Add an independent clause to make a compound sentence.
  3. Although Vladek…   –Copy and complete the sentence starter. What kind of sentence did you end up with?
  4. (2) Combine the following two sentences into one. First as a compound sentence, then as a complex sentence.
    • We took the skinheads bowling.
    • The llama stayed at home alone.


“Vocab, 2/2.”

  1. _____  (It’s a paper clip. The subheading says, “The only tool you’ll ever need.”)
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. She blamed him for the incident and always looked at him with _______ afterwards.
  6. Vladek _____(es) Artie for using too many wooden matches…
  7. …because he is too “_____” to buy them.
  8. During the TV marathon, we _____(ed) for two days on chips and pizza.
  9. Sometimes it’s tough to not ______ to peer pressure.
  10. In The Outsiders, when we referred to a facade, we were saying that the person was _____(ing) about their true feelings.
  11. The prefix of this word means before. ______
  12. The root of this word means “to clean out.” _____




Maus: Behind the scenes. The original 3-page story.


Vladek Quiz, 2/2.” ???

  1. What happened to the guy who turned Vladek’s family into the Gestapo?
  2. What saved Vladek’s life on p120?
  3. “(quote) What is a kombinator?
  4. What is the latest cause of Anja’s breakdown on p124?
  5. What happens to Pesach?
  6. Why are the roads on p127 shaped like a swastika?
  7. (quote) Why is Artie worried about portraying Vladek as he really is?


Thursday, 10/27: Apostrophes, Sentence Combining, Vocab, TMA

Tomorrow’s Test: Husker Du Apostrophes, Vocabulary, Sentence Combo, TMA. Also: NOTEBOOK AUDIT!

“Warm Up, 10/27. Apostrophes.” (7p)

  1. (2) Do you know _____ _____?  (you, ABC)
  2. We are going to the ______  for dinner.  (Lopez – all of them.)
  3. Please make sure you cross all the ____ in your essay.  (T)
  4. The sign said “_____ Greetings.”  (Season)
  5. (2) ____ very important to give the llama _____ favorite teddy bear before bed.  (It, it)


“Sentence Combining II, 10/27.” Combine each group of short, choppy sentences into one smooth-sounding sentence. You may add, subtract, or change words, but make sure to keep the meaning of all the parts.  You will have to punctuate as appropriate. 

3a) Then a voice freezes his behavior.
3b) The voice is stern.
3c) The behavior is disturbing.

4a) His teacher appears unamused.
4b) His teacher is a woman.
4c) She is very quiet.
4d) She has karate experience.

5a) She advances down the aisle.
5b) Her advance is slow.
5c) Her advance is quiet.
5d) Her advance is scary.


“Vocabulary, 10/27.” (13p)

bridge'Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?''Always remember that the most competent person is the person who can hide his incompetence best.'

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____ (not sham)
  4. (Job Applicants’ Coaching) (2) “Always remember that the most ____ person is the person who can hide his ____(ce) best.”
  5. Everyone promised to ____ by Judge Judy’s decision.
  6. The large donation was quite a(n) _____ for the poor little non-profit organization.
  7. Investors lost millions on the ______ investment scheme.
  8. On the last day of school, the screams of joy will _____ in the hallways.
  9. Aspirin is a ____ of the bark of the willow tree.
  10. (2) Is high-technology a _____ for mankind, or is it a _____ and just another way for companies to sell more stuff?
  11. *** (2) Please make a(n) _____ in your behavior before I ______ it myself.

Vocabulary Relay! NEW THIS WEEK: One current SAW is included!

The Midwife’s Apprentice

Let’s look up a few of her remedies.

Wednesday, 10/26: Sentence Combining, Apostrophes, Vocab, TMA

“Warm up, 10/26. Apostrophes.”

  1. The first digital music players appeared in the ____. (90)
  2. The _____ house has the best garden gnome. (Castillo)
  3. _____ idea was it to invite him?  (Who)
  4. _____ dog looks like a buffalo.  (Alexis)
  5. (2) The _____ volleyball team has _____ last home game today. (girl, they)

Checking Show-Me-You-Knows.

“Vocabulary, 10/26.” (15p.) Remember: You have vocab homework if you get any of 1-13 wrong!

  1. “This is the letter A. It’s the first letter of the alphabet. So much for the initial consultation. Further advice requires $1000.” ______
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. In the Middle Ages, they used to use cobwebs to help ______ bleeding.
  5. responsible : disreputable :: calm : ____ (Bonus: Add an ending to another word and it becomes a 2nd correct answer!)
  6. I cannot ____ someone who cheats. He or she will face consequences.
  7. Winning the lottery is not always the _____ people think it will be.
  8. Some people think it’s a good idea to build a giant fence to try to _____ the flow of illegal drugs and immigrants.
  9. On the last day of school, the screams of joy will _____ in the hallways.
  10. He bought his computer from a(n) ____ dealer, and when it broke the next day, they told him he was out of luck. (Not sham.)
  11. We must all ____ by the same rules.
  12. The word midwife is a ______ of the Middle English words meaning “with woman.”
  13. Give an example of a derivative of the word civil.


  14. *** passing-the-project-baton _____ 15. *** 695c6 _____


“Sentence Combining, 10/26.”
Combine each group of short, choppy sentences into one smooth-sounding sentence. You may add, subtract, or change words, but make sure to keep the meaning of all the parts.  You will have to punctuate as appropriate. (Bonus #1: Which vocab word is appropriate for this exercise? _______. Bonus #2: Write more than one combination!)
1.  a) Chuckie bounces wildly in his desk.   b) He is the class clown.   c) He clucks like a chicken.

2.  a) His fingers make sounds.   b) The sounds are scratching.   c) They claw the desktop.   d) The desktop is battered.


The Midwife’s Apprentice

Chapter 1 summaries.

Why do the boys bully and taunt Brat/Beetle?

Why does she put up with it? Is this common? (quote/translation)