Wednesday, 1/18: Clauses, Vocab, 120 Seconds!

“Clauses, 1/18.” (9p)
ONE INDEPENDENT clause: write I (simple).
ONE DEPENDENT clause: write D (fragment).
ONE OF EACH: write either I + D or D + I (complex).
TWO INDEPENDENT clauses: write I + I (compound).
(Tip: You should be able to tell just by scanning and looking for the sentence that is different.)

  1. The llama is a quadruped with a beak for eating and fins for swimming.
  2. I like turtles because they are cute.
  3. I sent the llama to the store before the party started.
  4. When we all finally got there.
  5. Across the street from his house was a teepee.
  6. You would like it if you were a bird.
  7. Herbie the llama ate some grass, and it gave him gas.
  8. He failed the test after he ignored the warning.
  9. So his mom spanked him.

  10. Bonus: When you improperly combine two independent clauses into one sentence, it is a mistake called a ______.


“Vocabulary, 1/18.”

(**Lepidoptera = moths and butterflies. Moths like to live in places that are dark and not opened very often, like old closets.)
1. _______   2. _______ 3. _______   4. _______   5._______ 6. What is she accusing him of being?_______
7. forgettable : iconic :: emotional : ________
8. She has high ______(ations). She wants to rule the world.
9. huge : diminutive :: inspiring : ______
10. The root of this word means “life.” _____
11. They tried to _______ the angry mob by telling them their concerns would be addressed.
12. Reading Shakespeare for the first time can be rather ______.


120 Seconds!


Tuesday, 1/17: Copy Homework, Clauses, Maus

Welcome to Semester Two!

Copy homework into assignment book.

“Clauses, 1/17.” If an item is a sentence consisting of only ONE INDEPENDENT clause, write I. If an item is a fragment consisting of only ONE DEPENDENT clause, write D. If an item is a sentence consisting of BOTH, write I + D or D + I.

  1. The wax is melting because it’s too hot.
  2. When my brother started college.
  3. Some banks encourage savings accounts for young people.
  4. After she watched the news Tara ate a cheese roll.
  5. If you leave money in an account at least six months.

  6. Write a sentence that consists of one independent clause and one dependent clause. (Tip: Use a word like: although, when, if, or after.)


Prep for 120 Seconds. Writing your intro. You need about 200 words.

  1. Start with a little hook:
    • Imagine yourself…
    • Throughout history mankind has…
    • It was a dark and stormy night…
    • What do you call a… (joke)
    • Once upon a time…
    • Have you ever wondered…
    • What if…
    • Jimmy was a boy who…
    • Scary, gripping, and difficult to put down…
    • Etc.
  2. Give us the required info:
    • Title
    • Author
    • Genre (Not just fiction/non; we want something like romance, sci fi, horror, mystery, fantasy, comedy, historical fiction, etc.)
  3. Time for the 5 W’s for the BOOK:
    • This is the story of…
    • This book is about…
    • Set in the future…
    • Not too much detail; you have less than a minute.
  4. Now to set up the PASSAGE:
    • This is the part of the book where…
    • This is the scene when…
    • _____ is about to _____


Any volunteers for tomorrow?


Art Spiegelman about why he used mice and cats. (2:00-3:40)


Thursday, 1/12: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test 18

It’s the last day of the first semester!
Have a great FOUR-DAY WEEKEND!

Notebooks out for KBARR check.

120 Seconds Example.  STARTS WEDNESDAY!

Prep sheet for Test #18:
Clauses H/W: ___/25   (10 + 10 + 5) Clauses Warm Up: ___/5   SAWs: ___/10  Vladek Quizzes: ___/6  ___/10
Other Extra Credit: ?

Mental Floss.

  1. What famous fictional character is represented here?   ants, beetles, termites, rabbit
  2. A man walks into a room, turns around and walks out the same door he went in. When he gets out he is in a different room than when he started. How is this possible?
  3. What number should come next? 144, 121, 100, 81, 64,  _____  (Alert: math.)
  4. Spell the word candy with just 2 letters.
  5. How many F’s (capital or small–no trick here) are in the following sentence? (Alert: Counting.)
    Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.  


Test #18.
NOTICE: If you scored 18/20 overall OR 11/11 yesterday on the Clauses Clicker Practice, you are EXEMPT from questions 1-11. On your sheet, write EXEMPT and use your forward button to begin on question #12. When we look at score at the end, ADD 11 to whatever it says to get your actual score.

Doodle Theme: Design a new mascot for Laguna!



Monday, 12/19: Homework? SAWs, Debrief Test 16, Dr. Seuss!

Copy “homework” into planner.

  • All SAWs are active for review quiz on Thursday. Check the Monday Warm Ups to practice on your own.
  • Intro 120 Seconds: It starts after we get back.


“Warm Up, 12/19 – SAWs.”
a) accumulation  b) contradict  c) exhibit
d) inevitable  e) manipulate

dominoes waste-rubber entersign

  1. _____  2. _____  3. _____
    4. The root of this word is “hand.” _____
    5. Animals _____ behaviors in zoos that they don’t in the wild.
    6. The roots of this word mean “against say.” _____
    7. There’s an old expression that says that nothing is ______ except death and taxes.
    8. The _____ of snow in the Sierras in the winter  is a major source of water in the summer.
    9. The Outsiders projects are _____(ed) on the back wall.
    10. The crow ______(ed) the tool even without hands.


Correct Test #16. Collect.

The Sneetches! (Starts @ :47.)