Tuesday, 9/6: Copy Homework, SRI

HOMIES: This week’s SAWs:

guideline, mature, ambiguous, due (to), status

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guideline, mature, ambiguous, due (to), status


Short Week!

Copy homework into planner.

Copy spelling list into notebook. Bonus for practicing spelling words 3x each by Friday in your notebook.

  • maturity
  • narrative
  • creative
  • believable
  • cooperation
  • movable
  • ignorance
  • requirement
  • revision
  • security
  • insurance
  • separately

Get a Chromebook. Log in. Open Chrome. Come here to middleschool.mrcoward.com.

Click:  https://h100000583.education.scholastic.com/slms/studentaccess

Click the blue RI icon. Follow the directions.

If you finish early, start your homework.