Wednesday, 3/22: HD, V, G + Movie

“Husker Du, 3/22.” First Period, Test #6.

  1. The adventurer’s ____(s) made for a great novel.  a) sullen  b) smolder  c) exploit  d) siege e) circumvent  f) NOTA
  2. The school newspaper has been __ for a long while, but they hope to revive it next year.  a) cease  b) circumvent  c) sullen  d) delirious  e) defunct
  3. This a fragment?   a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  4. The strange life of the llama.   a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  5. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence

“Husker Du, 3/21.” Period Two, Test #1.

  1. As used in The Outsiders, the word hood is short for _____.  a) hoodie  b) neighborhood  c) hoodlum  d) livelihood  e) cheese
  2. lb. : pound :: Soc : _______ a) society  b) sock  c) greaser  d) social  e) punch
  3. you:  a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person
  4. she: a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person
  5. Delinquent” : ________ :: The Outsiders :  ________  a) 1st person/3rd person  b) 3rd person/1st person.  c) both 1st person.  d) Both 3rd person.  e) NOTA

“Husker Du, 3/22.” Period Three, Test #13.

  1. When the author says on p92 that the cook had “words pouring forth from her mouth with none to listen,” what does she mean?  a) The cook is crazy. b) Nobody listens to the cook.  c) Everything the cook says is a lie.  d) The cook is talking to herself.  e) NOTA
  2. What prompted Alyce’s first cry?  a) When she couldn’t find Edward.  b) When the cook said they looked like twins.  c) When Edward first hugged her.  d) When the carpenter’s assistant said Edward might have been eaten by a goat.  e) NOTA
  3. When Alyce fails to deliver Emma Blunt’s baby and runs away from the village.  a) rising action  b) inciting incident  c) theme  d) exposition  e) metaphor
  4. Alyce learning to read.  a) rising action  b) inciting incident  c) falling action  d) exposition  e) resolution
  5. What does the dedication mean? (“For Philip and Dinah, Alyce’s midwives.”)  a) These people helped deliver Alyce’s kids.  b) These people helped deliver Alyce as a baby.  c) These people are actual midwives.  d) These people helped the author create the character of Alyce.  e) NOTA

“Husker Du, 3/22.” Period Six, Test #14.

  1. Which of these things could the phrase “a sound of thunder” reasonably represent?  a) The sound of the T-Rex approaching.  b) The effects of their actions on the future.  c) The sound of the guns.  d) All of the above.  e) NOTA
  2. The real theme of “ASoT” is probably…  a) don’t mess with time.  b) don’t try to change the past.  c) small actions can lead to huge consequences.  d) don’t kill butterflies.  e) NOTA
  3. Is the author trying to persuade, entertain, inform, or sell?   a) Currency  b) Relevance  c) Authority  d) Accuracy  e) Purpose
  4. The part of the story where the midwife opens her door to let Alyce and the cat in.  a) climax  b) rising action  c) falling action  d) resolution  e) exposition
  5. “Too much ale and too few wits” = a _______.  a) surfeit  b) sullen  c) contented  d) remedy  e) lout f) NOTA


“Vocabulary, 3/21.” All words except phantom used once, plus two SAWs.
(#3 is not serene.  #5 is not incense. #12 is not serene.)
1. house-development_194_600x450 2.Pioneer-Hall-Players_Hoop-Dee-Doo-Musical 3.5da39900a8909386 4.what-was-i-thinking-web 5.article-2059585-0EBC644800000578-938_468x286  6.4305442_xl 7.alibi08 8.8c8e4f_0c1416d7b9cf4cbab3120c5fb431fcf4 9.article-2542009-1AC7B4F600000578-748_634x559 10.angry 11. 12.article-0-13CED75F000005DC-639_964x631



The Giver, 3/22.”

  1. What makes Jonas want to give up, lie down, and sleep?  a) It starts raining.  b) He encounters hills he can’t pedal up. c) They are attacked by a bear.  d) Hunger.  e) NOTA
  2. Which of these things did not happen in chapter 23?  a) It began snowing. b) Jonas fell asleep. c) Jonas found a sled.  d) He gave Gabriel a small memory of warmth.  e) They all happened.
  3. The part where Jonas lies to his parents and stops taking his pills.  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) inciting incident  d) climax  e) resolution
  4. The part where Jonas sees the apple change.  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) inciting incident  d) climax  e) resolution
  5. The part where Jonas and The Giver make the plan.  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) inciting incident  d) climax  e) resolution
  6. Jonas and Gabe sliding down the hill on the sled would be the _______ of the story.  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) climax  d) falling action (haha)  e) resolution
  7. In her speech, Lois Lowry says that the ending of the book is all about hope.  a) True  b) False
  8. One of the theories she mentioned in her speech was that Jonas and Gabe ended up back at the community again.  a) True  b) False


The Giver. What is up with that ending?

Giver Final Project

Giver Movie. When we are finished with the movie: Pick one and post to your blog. 500 + words.

  • “Three Reasons Why The Giver Book/Movie is Better Than the Movie/Book.”
  • “Despite the Changes, The Giver Movie Does a Good Job Respecting the Book.”

Tuesday, 3/21: Husker Du, Vocab, Giver + Project + Movie

“Husker Du, 3/21.” First Period, Test #6.

  1. My mom said my argument was not ______(ly) ______…  a) impact/valid  b) potential/sufficient  c) demonstrate/considerable  d) sufficient/valid  e) sufficient/skimpy
  2. …and I did not ______ the need for a new game system, so I was denied.  a) considerable  b) demonstrate  c) valid  d) sufficient  e) NOTA
  3. Months may pass between attacks, but when they do occur, they are violent.   a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  4. There are shells all over the beach, let’s collect some!   a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  5. The ______ sets our story, or plot, in motion.  a) climax  b) inciting action  c) exposition  d) rising action  e) climax

“Husker Du, 3/21.” Second Period, Test #1.

  1. Jimmy nodded his head ____(ly), and said, “It would have been wiser to have someone pick you up.”   a) sage  b) conform  c) infer  d) bleak  e) fathom  f) NOTA
  2. “It’s just because you’re the baby–I mean he loves you a lot.  Do you ____?”  a) sage  b) savvy  c) gingerly  d) conform  e) connotation  f) NOTA
  3. pain : pleasure :: confusion : ____  a) sage  b) savvy  c) infer  d) rueful  e) conform  f) NOTA
  4. Even though their _____ are similar, the words nosy and curious have very different _____.  a) connotations/denotations  b) denotations/connotations.
  5. I’m a good bowler, and my ball has pretty flowers on it.  a) good – adjective,  pretty – not  b) good – not,  pretty – adjective  c) both adjectives  d) both not

“Husker Du, 3/21.” Third Period, Test #13.

  1. Unless you leave Laguna with some good reading skills, you will _____ in high school.  a) meander  b) bustle  c) ample  d) deceit  e) NOTA
  2. During the Midwife’s affair with the baker, there was a(n) ______ of bread in the cottage.  a) ample b) efficacy  c) revelry  d) glutton e) bounty  f) NOTA
  3. I know Pedro quite well. _____, Pedro happens to be my best friend.  a) nevertheless  b) as a result  c) meanwhile  d) still  e) NOTA
  4. Are there political or corporate biases?  a) Currency  b) Relevance  c) Authority  d) Accuracy  e) Purpose
  5. Why was Magister Reese watching Alyce at first?  a) Because she was pretty.  b) Because he wondered why she was so gloomy.  c) Because of the way the cat hung around her.  d) He’s just weird.  e) NOTA

“Husker Du, 3/21.”  Period Six, Test #14.

  1. She tried to _____ the situation by apologizing to her friend.  a) scowl  b) begrudg  c) content  d) devour  e) remedy  f) NOTA
  2. The medication seems effective. _____, more research must be done to see if it’s safe.   a) But  b) Although  c) Nevertheless  d) So  e) NOTA
  3. _____, it’s best to avoid it.  a) Although  b) However  c) Meanwhile  d) Until then  e) So
  4. The part of the story where the midwife won’t take her back.  a) climax  b) rising action  c) falling action  d) resolution  e) exposition
  5. A paradox is… a) two doctors.  b) a time travel thing  c) a contradiction  d) a contraption  e) NOTA


“Vocabulary, 3/21.” One word twice. All the rest once.
evening angif-go-through-the-roof-def2 atlantic-city-under-water-2

5. “For the first time, Jonas saw a little ____ of hope.”
6. Many amputees say they still feel pain and itching in the missing limbs from time to time. This is called _____ pain.
7. Since he was at the movies with his friend at the time of the crime, he had a(n) _____, so he was released.
8. Much to the store owner’s _____, his political beliefs made customers avoid his place.
9. The drama class put on a _____ with a ’70s theme.
10. The lifeguard’s (previous vocab word-ance)  ______(ed) for just a couple minutes, and a kid was hurt.
11. Jonas became _____(ful) of the burden he had to bear, and just wanted his childhood back.
12. As more people moved to the city, it began to ______ out into the nearby farmland.


Giver Project.


“Giver Quiz – Chapter 22.”

  1. (3) Name three of the things Jonas encountered in chapter 22 that showed he was really outside the Community.
  2. What was the most “relentless” of Jonas’s new fears? ________
  3. Where are we in the story?  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) climax  d) falling action  e) resolution  f) NOTA



Dah Movie Givah.

Does the “sledding” scene add or detract from the story? Why?

Monday, 3/20: Copy Homework, SAWs, Wheel of Doom, Debrief Test 27, Giver

Copy homework into planner. I will have Giver Project handouts tomorrow.

“SAWs, 3/20.”  Each word twice; once for a picture and once for a sentence.
formulate, criteria, assess, standardized, correspond
points-lines-and-angles what-is-brainstorming-definition p189cut4gmi4qtvcu91msp1sj91c gears ruler

6. The root of this word means to judge.  _______
7. After a lot of thinking, he _____(ed) a plan.
8. After her friend moved far away, they still _____(ed) by email and text messaging.
9. (2) Do _____, multiple choice tests really _____ what a student knows?


Wheel of Doom for Husker Du!

Period One.

Period Two.

Period Three.

Period Six.


Debrief Test 27. Really? #13? Really?

The Giver.

Thursday, 3/16: HD, V + R, G

Tomorrow’s Test: Hmm, let’s see: Husker Du, Vocab, Giver, HD2x

“Husker Du, 3/16.” Periods 1, 3, 6. Test 24.

  1. Sid waited for the llama to arrive so he could get a ride in his hot new Camaro.  a) arrive,  b) arrive, ride,  c) arrive, hot,  d) OK as is.  e) NOTA
  2. What does Francoise mean when she says, “I’ll bet you that Anja’s notebooks were written on both sides of the page…” ?   a) Anja had a lot to say.  b) Anja had nothing else to do but write in her diary.  c) Paper was hard to get.  d) Vladek wouldn’t have wasted any paper he could write on.  e) NOTA
  3. Why did Vladek say they wanted to leave Poland after the war?   a) “We survived everything just to get shot while the war ends!”  b) “The Poles are still killing Jews there!”  c) “Let the Germans have a little what they did to the Jews.”  d) “It was nothing anymore there for us…”   e) NOTA
  4. Why do the Poles leave Anja alone after the war? (Unlike poor Gelber.)  a) She’s a refugee.  b) She is also a Pole.  c) She didn’t try to get her property back.  d) The Jewish organization protected her.  e) NOTA
  5. The llama that she rode to the wedding looked very pretty.  a) llama,  b) llama,  wedding,  c) wedding,  d) Ok as is.  e) NOTA

“Husker Du, 3/16.” Period 2.  Test 22.

  1. Although it seemed essential to eat broccoli, I watched tv instead.    a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  2. His doctor recommended buying a goat and going water-skiing.    a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  3. She likes her pizza with onions, so the llama made it that way.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  4. What does Artie mean when he says he had a “sibling rivalry with a snapshot”?   a) “Somehow I wish I had been in Auschwitz with my parents…”  b) “…so much has to be left out or distorted…”  c) “If it wasn’t so pathetic, it’s be kinda funny…”  d) “It’s so presumptuous of me…”  e) NOTA
  5. Artie says that even Vladek’s friends don’t like him.  a) True  b) False


“Vocab, 3/16.” Used properly or not? Write Yes if the word is used properly in the sentence. Write No if it is not. Bonus: Rewrite the Nots, so the word is used correctly.

  1. The band was so crescendo I couldn’t hear my friend talking.
  2. She yearned for a better life.
  3. The buckle bridge was very old and ready to fall.
  4. I frazzled my homework last night because it was so hard and took so long.
  5. She drank a magnitude of soda and burped all night.
  6. The police were vigilant, watching the house 24/7.
  7. First period acted so regress yesterday; they were just like kindergartners.
  8. He made a feeble attempt at studying, decided he was too feeble-minded, and gave up.
  9. The ghost manifested itself at the end of the hall and scared the bejabbers out of me.
  10. The elephant’s trunk sinuoused out of the enclosure and took the peanut.
  11. He didn’t understand the peril of his situation and thought he was safe.
  12. The translation software distorted the meaning of the sentence.




“Dah Givah, 19-20.” Write the letter AND enough of the answer to be able to tell which you chose.

  1. As Jonas watches the release of the twin, what other memory comes to him?  a) The broken leg on the sled  b) Gabriel’s smiling face.  c) The wounded kid in the war scene.  d) Hunger.  e) NOTA
  2. How long has Jonas been in training with the Giver?  a) a few weeks  b) a few months  c) about a year  d) a couple of years  e) There’s no way to tell.
  3. The Giver tells Jonas that the worst part of holding the memories is…  a) the pain  b) having feelings  c) it’s really hard  d) the loneliness   e) NOTA
  4. What was the Giver’s first sign that he had the power to receive memories like Jonas?  a) He saw colors like Jonas.  b) He was able to feel pain even with medication.  c) He was able to hear music.  d) He was able to feel emotions even with the pills.  e) NOTA
  5. What plan do The Giver and Jonas make?  a) They will both escape the community together.  b) Jonas will break the rules three times so he has to be Released.  c) Jonas will start releasing memories to people in the Community to show them what they’re missing. d) Nothing; they will continue on as normal because there’s nothing they can do.  e) They fake Jonas drowning in the river.   f) NOTA
  6. The Giver makes Jonas understand that _____ is the meaning of everything.  a) joy   b) survival of the community c) deep feelings  d) caring about others  e) NOTA
  7. What’s the Giver’s plan when his and Jonas’s plan is finished?  a) To go Elsewhere like Jonas.  b) To hide so the Community doesn’t punish him.  c) To become leader of the Community  d) To die.  e) NOTA
  8. Whom does Rosemary turn out to have been?  a) Jonas’s “sister”  b) the Giver’s spouse  c) the Giver’s sister  d) an outsider  e) NOTA



The Giver





In your notebook, set aside 3 or 4 pages for a chart that looks like this:

Book. Movie. Why the change? Better/Worse and Why.

Please keep it out the whole time and add to it as we watch. You will use this later on.

Wednesday, 3/15: Hmmm… Husker Du, Vocab, Giver!

Here’s your asausage …


Bonus: What recent vocab word?

Checking Show-Me-You-Knows.

“Husker Du, 3/15.” Periods 1, 3, 6. Test 24.

  1. It is taking us awhile to ______ the concepts of compound and complex sentences.   a) ominous  b) solace  c) assuage  d) assimilate  e) ubiquitous  f) NOTA
  2. Mr. Coward’s student assistant is not happy about Jhonny’s less than _____ papers. a) meticulous  b)  ubiquitous  c) ominous  d) petulant  e) languid  f)  NOTA
  3. What is a Gentile?  a) a German citizen  b) American soldier  c) a non-Jew   d) a war prisoner  e) A Polish cictzen  f) NOTA
  4. When your sadness is _____(ed)…      a) assuage  b) solace  c) ominous  d) assimilate  e) meticulous  f)  NOTA
  5. …your soul has found ___.  a) assuage  b) solace  c) languid  d) ubiquitousness  e) assimilate  f)  NOTA

“Husker Du, 3/15.” Period 2.  Test 22.

  1. The ______ customers who were scammed…  a) disgruntled  b) subjugated  c) mesmerized  d) intercede   e) pauper  f) NOTA
  2. …needed someone to _____ for them to get their money back.    a) disgruntled  b) subjugated  c) mesmerized  d) intercede   e) pauper  f) NOTA
  3. He thought he was OK until he wasn’t.    a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  4. What was one of the things Artie used to think a lot or fantasize about as a kid?  a) Being as “handy” as Vladek.  b) Being loved as much as they loved Richieu.  c) Which of his parents he’d let the Nazis take.  d) Poison gas coming out of the shower heads. e) C and D.
  5. “It was a critical…success.” (p201)  What does he mean?  a) People criticized Maus for being mean to Vladek.  b) They sold a lot of related, licensed products with it.  c) It got good reviews.  d) You saw a lot of ads for it on tv.  e) It made a lot of money.


“Vocab, 3/15.” Once each.

  1. The elephant reached out with its ____trunk.
  2. Jonas said that the main feeling in his Stirrings dream was the ______(ing).
  3. One of these days your knees will ____ under the weight of your giant backpacks.
  4. The chatter in the class reached a ______, and then Mr. Coward yelled, “Quiet!”
  5. He didn’t realize the _____ of his mistake until much later when it all came back to haunt him.
  6. Lack of sleep _____(s) itself in many ways, such as an actual drop in intelligence.
  7. The test supervisor was not very ____, and many students cheated on the test.
  8. (2) Sometimes when a guest teacher is a little _____ in the discipline department, classes will _____ to being kindergartners again.
  9. (2) The guest teacher had better not be _____(ed) by your class, or you will be in great _____ when Mr. Coward returns.


Dah Givah.

“Bye-bye, little guy.”

Dah Givah, 17-19.” Use COMPLETE sentences for #1 and #5. Use QUOTES from the actual book for #2, #3,  and #4.

  1. Now that Jonas is experiencing deep feelings like anger and sadness, what does he realize about his family? (ch 17)
  2. (quote) Why was Jonas disturbed by the game his friends are playing?   (p125-127)
  3. (quote) Find a quote on p136 that looks like foreshadowing.
  4. (quote) What does The Giver think of the idea of Jonas watching the release? (ch 19)
  5. What is the inciting incident of our book? ( “The inciting incident was…”  Be careful!)
  6. Starting with chapter 20, we are now entering  the _____ of the story. a) exposition  b) rising action  c) climax  d) falling action  e) resolution  f) NOTA