Wednesday, 4/5

Wednesday, 4/5/17 — Welcome Guest Teacher!

“Apostrophes, 4/5.”

  1. (2) Do you know _____ _____?  (you, ABC)
  2. We are going to the ______  for dinner.  (Lopez – all of them.)
  3. Please make sure you cross all the ____ in your essay.  (T)
  4. The sign said “_____ Greetings.”  (Season)
  5. (2) ____ very important to give the llama _____ favorite teddy bear before bed.  (It, it)

“Vocabulary, 4/5.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. He seemed smart, even though most of the facts he knew were rather ________.
  7. He pinched her arm, a little bit with _____(ity), and a little bit with meanness, to get her to pay attention.
  8. Why do we have to go through all this ________ just to add on to our house?
  9. somber : jovial :: humility : _______
  10. “…masks that smiled or masks that frowned, according to the owners’ _________.”
  11. ***Please _______from being a bonehead while the guest teacher is here.
  12. ***You have that _____, don’t you?

Continue reading The Earth Men aloud.
Finished? Quiz.
“The Earth Men.” Collaborative and Open Book. Write the answers not the letters.

  1. The best word(s) to describe most Martians’ reaction to the Earth men would be… a) fear. b) anger. c) indifference. d) politeness. e) none of the above.
  2. What does the captain say that finally makes Mr. Aaa stop and listen to him?   a) “All the way from Earth.”  b) “Mr. Ttt sent us to see you.”  c) “Earth. Rocket. Men. Trip. Space.”  d) “We came sixty million miles.”  e) “We’re from Earth.”
  3. What is it the Earth men want from the Martians?  a) Land. b) They want the Martians to surrender. c) Recognition. d) Goods to trade with Earth. e) All of the above.
  4. Even though it doesn’t really have anything to do with the story, Ray Bradbury spends time describing a mechanical spider toy that the little girl plays with. What’s the point?  a) To show how weird the Martians are. b) To show us a glimpse of what Martian life is like. c) He’s comparing the Earth men to the spider; they are just toys that the Martians play with. d) To show that the girl really isn’t interested in the man’s story. e) B and D.
  5. It turns out that the line of work a Martian needs to be in to welcome Earth men is…   a) military  b) government leader  c) police  d) immigration  e) psychology
  6. “Without noticing them again, as if they had melted down through the floor…” (p23)  a) flashback  b) foreshadowing  c) metaphor  d) simile  e) NOTA
  7. What was the Martian’s explanation for the rocket?
  8. (quote) Why does Mr. Xxx shoot the captain?
  9. Why does the story end with a “weather report”?
  10. Which sense is your tactile sense?
  11. What is the climax of the story?


Tuesday, 4/4: Apostrophes, Vocab, Flying Machine, Mars!

“Apostrophe’s Review, 4/4.”

  1. Our family has a hard time keeping up with the _____. (Jones)
  2. ______ are not allowed… (Student)
  3. …in the ______ lounge.   (more than one teacher)
  4. We have three _____ in our class.  (Johnny)
  5. _____ responsible for this mess?  (Who)
  6. Find the mistake above.


“Vocab, 4/4.”


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. We spent the evening playing ______ Pursuit, trying to answer obscure questions.
  6. The mad scientist demonstrated his _____ by building a time machine and trying to change history. Of course he just made things worse.
  7. After the death of his brother, he sat _____(ing) in his room wondering whether it was his fault.
  8. Mr. Coward does not put up with _______ speech in his classroom.
  9. It is difficult to _____ accurately about the future because things are changing so rapidly.
  10. (2) Santa Claus is usually portrayed as a _____, smiling, fat man with a very pleasant ______.


“The Flying Machine, 4/4.”

  1. The Flying One understands why the Emperor is killing him.  a) True  b) False
  2. The Emperor enjoys having the Flying One killed.   a) True  b) False
  3. The mechanical garden that the Emperor “dreamt to being” represents…  a) how the Emperor is as skillful in his own way as the flying man.  b) the fragility and beauty of the Emperor’s kingdom.  c) how China must look from the sky.  d) all of the above.  e)  none of the above.
  4. The Emperor has the Flying One killed because… a) he thinks he will drops stones on the Great Wall.  b) he thinks that the man has an evil heart. c) he fears that someone will use the man’s invention for evil. d) he is jealous of his inventiveness.  e) none of the above.
  5. On page 247, when the Emperor says that it is “well for her” that the Flying One’s wife is asleep, what does he mean?  a) She won’t have to see her husband killed  b) She won’t be mad at the Emperor.  c) It won’t hurt when he has her killed  d) She will get a large settlement.  e) NOTA
  6. The Emperor is really afraid of… a) inventiveness.  b) the future.  c) the Flying One.  d) flying machines.  e) NOTA
  7. Which of the following groups of words best describe the theme of the story? a) Strength, pain, joy. b) Foolishness, anger, endurance. c) Communication, friendship, honesty. d) Fear, frustration, bewilderment.
  8. “The butterfly now touches the earth. And suddenly…a clumsy worm.” (p246) The Servant is using a _________ to describe the Flying One and his apparatus.  a) simile  b) flashback  c) foreshadowing  d) metaphor  e) NOTA
  9. “…The Flying One enters, proud of his feat, proud of his equipments, which he brandishes…”  (p246) The word brandishes as it is used here, most nearly means…  a) drops.  b) shows off.  c) tosses away.  d) puts away.   e) points with.
  10. “The unmarked grave is dug where Time, some little while, must sleep to wake again some other year.” (p251) The Emperor is speaking metaphorically, and most likely means…
  11. There are several places where the author foreshadows that the Emperor is worried about the Flying One’s feat. Quote one from page 246 or before.
  12. Explain the Servant’s comparison in #8.

“The Earth Men” from The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury.

What happens (historically) when two very different cultures meet?

What does telepathy literally mean? What would having true telepathy be like?

Monday, 4/3: Copy Homework, SAWs, Husker Du, Euphemisms, Mars?!

Copy homework into planner.

“SAWs, 4/3.” – abstain, capacity, distribute, method, morality

6. The Chief Elder said that Jonas had the “______ to see beyond.”
7. After Mardis Gras, you are supposed to ______ from something you like until Easter.
8. This word has to do with scruples. _______
9. Every Monday, you copy the homework into your planner, and Mr. Coward ______(s) the vocab sheet.
10. “There’s a _____ to his madness” means that even though it might look crazy, there is a plan to it all.



“Husker Du, 4/3.” Everybody has Test #8.

  1. She’s sure ________ going to be all right. (it)
  2. My friend _________ goal is to become an astronaut. (Maria)
  3. _________ bright idea was this?  (who)
  4. It was every single _________ nightmare. (student)
  5. All the _________ clothing is on the second floor. (more than one woman)



Euphemism (n – U FEM ISM):
A “nice” way of saying something  unpleasant.

Examples: passed on = died, sanitation engineer = garbage man, waitress in the sky = flight attendant

  1. visually disabled =
  2. solid waste =
  3. landfill =
  4. economically disadvantaged =
  5. undocumented transborder migrant =
  6. vertically challenged =
  7. involuntary servitude (the institution, not the person)  =

Try making up your own euphemisms for…

  • detention
  • a test
  • talking too much
  • getting an F



“The Flying Machine” by Ray Bradbury.

How might this story connect to The Giver and “Old Glory”?

Pssssst. Act!




Friday, 3/31: SRI, Work, Madlibs

Giver Projects due!


Click the blue RI icon on the lower left. Follow the directions. Make a note of your score. The last time we did this was 12/5. With any luck, we should have improved. Right?


  1. Work on your Giver Book v Movie blog post which is due Tuesday.
  2. Do the ETC Portal Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win a Kindle Fire.
  3. Start on next week’s vocab.