The Story of Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard is a popular American actor best known for his role as Mike Wheeler on stranger things, a popular tv show. But did you know he also is an amazing musician? He even has his own band with 3 of his friends from his home in Canada. It all started in 2016 when Finn and a few friends formed Calpurnia released their hit album, Scout. That soon evolved into a whole music career for not only Finn but also his friends Malcolm Craig, Alya Tesler-Mabe, and Jack Anderson. After making more some music including my personal favorite, “Blame”, and many concerts and special debuts, they broke up in November 2019. They said the reason for them breaking up was because the band was getting too technical due to the fact that Finn’s show was getting quite big. The band also broke up because Finn had been making music as a part of another band called The Aubreys with who was at the time was the Calpurnia drummer, Malcolm Craig. The Aubreys got pretty big pretty fast due to the fact that Finn was a pretty big Actor within the acting community. The Aubreys made a lot of good music including their hit album soda and pie and my personal favorite by them, “ Smoke Bomb”. The Aubreys are still together and writing some music in quarantine. 

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Period 2

Music, Music, And More Music

I love to play instruments. I like to play the ukulele, guitar, and clarinet. I was in a band when I was in sixth grade and it was fun. I had to wake up early which I didn't enjoy. I take ukulele lessons every Friday. I can't take lessons right now because of Covid 19. That makes me sad. The ukulele is my favorite instrument. Pat is my ukulele teacher. He plays the banjo, guitar, piano, electric guitar, mandalin, and many more instruments. He is really nice and is very talented. I hope that someday I am a good musician like my music teacher. I just need to have the stamina to practice. But I do enjoy playing my instruments. I feel bliss when I play the ukulele. I get in my own world and imagine that no one is listening to me. I strum gingerly sometimes because when we all play together, it sounds loud enough.

My favorite genre of music is country. I like to sing country songs. My dad and I love to listen to the radio. He likes country music too. My favorite song is called, “More Than My Home Town”. It is sung by an artist named Morgan Wallen. I listen to it all the time and I know all of the lyrics. 

My sister is a really good singer. She recorded her own song! She gets embarrassed when she sings in front of people, but she does it anyway. She is so brave. I remember that she gallantly walked into the studio, recorded her song, and walked out with so much courage. I wish I was like her. She recorded it at our Papa’s house because he has a recording studio. He won two Grammy awards! He is probably famous. Without music, the world would be boring!

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Perfect Paper

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Period 5


Topic: music

To some people music may seem very CONDUCIVE to life, but it is not for me . My favorite type of music is Christmas music even though my mom and dad only like it around christmas time, which can make me feel a little INDIGNANT. Some of my favorite songs are “Mary Did You Know” and “Jingle Bells' '. One aspect of Christmas songs I like is that it pulls you into a fun halliday spirit and makes you want to bake and eat cookies. Some people may be DUMBFOUNDED to hear that my least favorite part of all music is listening to my sister sing to it and If the actual song is not being played in the background. This may be one of the reasons why my least favorite songs are the ones my sister sings the most.

There are many different genres in music. Some are Jazz, Rock, Rap, and many other types of music. There is also kids music, when you are a kid you really love it but as you get older you start to build a FACADE up around kids while it is playing but inside you are grimacing. Some people like to listen to music, others like to play it, some do both, and some do neither, I do both because I am in the school band and love christmas music. My favorite instrument is percussion, more specifically drums because you get to keep the beat, you don't need to use all your air blowing, and you don't need to hold your instrument up to your face! Another thing I like about music is musicals. Even though my sister sings to the songs, I like how the words are used to tell a story. Musicals also let you grasp the understanding of a story even if you are not watching it directly, this helps with multitasking.