Test #4 - 2020 Preview Copy.

Vocabulary. a) discreet  b) discrete  c) vain  d) elicit  e) illicit  f) hysterical  g) dumbfounded  h) patronize  i) stamina  j) reluctant

  1. Every time Dr. Pavlov rang a bell, he _______(ed) a response from the dog, who thought he was going to be fed.
  2. S.E. Hinton has said that she didn’t have the ____ to be a teacher. Worrying about the kids’ problems wore her out.
  3. I was _____ to tell the teacher about the cheating I saw, because the person was my friend.  
  4. A spy must be ____ and not go blabbing secrets around.  
  5. You are all one class, but you are _____ individuals.
  6. nonchalant : hysterical ::  eager : _____ 
  7. "You're so ___. You probably think this song is about you."
  8. The teacher tried to ___ the correct response from the students by giving hints.
  9. I did not want to be ___(ed); I felt I was savvy enough to make my own decisions. 
  10. If you ____ (ed) CPK last night, it benefited the band program.
  11. This word literally means “discovered speechless.” ______
  12. _____ llama was selected for the fair.  a) Charles'  b) Charles's  c) Charle's   d) NOTA
  13. I got all ____ on my report card.  a) A's  b) As  c) 'A's   d) 'As   e) NOTA
  14. The _____ lounge is usually off-limits to students. (More than one.)  a) teacher's  b) teachers  c) teachers's  d) teachers'  e) NOTA
  15. _____ llama is that?  a) whose  b) who'se  c) who's  d) NOTA
  16. The _____ was the best decade for music.   a) 70's  b) '70's  c) 70s  d) '70s  e) NOTA
    FROs.   a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  17. Is this a fragment? 
  18. Although the llama wandered too close to the fire.
  19. I love that story I have read it three times.
  20. The llama went over the hills and through the wood to get to Grandmother's house, but she wasn't home.
  21. Hide in burrows and beneath rocks.
     Open book.
  22. Cherry's explanation for how Socs are different from greasers is that...  a) Socs have more money. b) they like different things. c) Socs are more emotional. d) Socs are too aloof to feel.  e) NOTA
  23. Cherry finds herself able to talk to Pony better than her "friends" because...a) he's a good listener. b) she doesn't have to keep up her image with him. c) she knows he cares. d) he's smart.  e) NOTA
  24. Why do we not see Johnny stab Bob the Soc?  a) Pony is a 3rd person narrator and didn't see it.  b) S.E. Hinton wanted to make it more dramatic.  c) It's sadder that way.  d) Pony is a 1st person narrator and didn't see it.  e) The book company wouldn't let them show that in 1967.   f) NOTA
  25. The Socs' reaction when Johnny stabbed Bob illustrates Pony's distinction between ___ and ___.  a) packs and social clubs  b)  a social club and the greasers  c) a pack and a gang  d) brothers and  gangs  e) NOTA
  26. This reaction shows that the Socs are really a... a) family  b) social club  c) gang  d) team  e) pack 
  27. Which one is correct? a) On the album Megatron, my favorite song is "Do You Love Me?"   b) On the album Megatron, my favorite song is Do You Love Me?  c) On the album "Megatron," my favorite song is Do You Love Me?  d) On the album Megatron, my favorite song is "Do You Love Me?". e) All have something wrong with them.