Test #7
a) diligent  b) compelling  c) convene  d) turmoil  e) heedless  f) cordial  g) diffident   h) abundant  i) dire  j) grovel
  1. According to Darry, Pony is _____.
  2. The lawyer's argument was so _____ the jury acquitted his client.
  3.  He practiced the skate trick __(ly) until he got it right.
  4.  compelling : boring :: scarce : _____
  5. After he forgot his wife's birthday, he had to _____ for several days before she forgave him.
  6.  In the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare,” the tortoise is ______ ...
  7. In the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare,” the hare is _____. 
  8. The clown _____(tion) filled the parking lot with tiny cars. 
  9. gossipy : discreet :: safe : ______ 
  10. His brother's sudden disappearance caused great ____ in the family. 
    S/CD/CX/ETC.  a) Simple  b) Compound  c) Complex  d) Fragment   e) Run-on
  11. The llama was being petulant, so his mom ate the cheeselog.
  12. His doctor recommended buying a llama and going water-skiing.
  13. The llama thought he was OK until he wasn’t.
  14. When you use a dependent clause as a sentence.
  15. Even though he knew it was a mistake, the llama ate the doughnut anyway.
  16. The crew checked the llama, and the captain prepared her for the sea.
  17. The llama climbed languidly up the very steep hill balancing a duck on his head.
  18. You join two Independent Clauses they are joined improperly
  19. What is Pony's observation about people when they're asleep? a) People are more relaxed.  b) People forget their troubles.  c) People relive the events of the day.  d) People look younger.  e) People look tense.
  20. Which is one of the reasons Dally gave Johnny for not turning himself in? ADally would get in trouble  BJohnny would get the electric chair. CHe didn't want Johnny to end up like him.  DThe boys are worried about him  EHis parents don't care.
  21. It was ironic that Pony mentioned that he wanted to take off Dally's jacket in the church
    because it was too hot.  a) True   b) False
  22. What is the CLIMAX of the Pony v Darry conflict?   a) When Darry says, "Oh Ponyboy, your hair..." a) When he reads the letter from Soda. c) When Darry offers him a cigarette. d) When Darry starts crying. e) NOTA
  23. Why do Darry and the boys leave their front door unlocked all the time?  a) In case Pony forgets his key.  b) Because it's a safe neighborhood.  c) In case one of the boys needs a place to calm down.  d) Because Darry's so big. e) Because nobody messes with the greasers in their own neighborhood.  f) NOTA
  24. What sort of "legal trouble" does  Pony face for the "Bob incident"? a) They're charging him with manslaughter.  b) He has to appear in court for running away from home.  c) They're charging him for not reporting the crime.  d) b and c.  e) They're letting him off for being a hero.  f) NOTA
  25. The Outsiders is written in ____ point of view.  a) 1st person  b) 2nd person  c) 3rd person  d) 4th person