"You mean we have to write at least SIX HUNDRED WORDS PER WEEK!?!?"
It's really not all that much! It's just two or three pages! In order to get better we have to practice. In order to get ideas, we have to let them flow. So...
  1. Share your Google Doc called "Your Name-600 Words" ONCE, after the first 600. I will check it every Tuesday after that; no need to share again. Just keep adding to the same document, typing the date every time you write something new.
  2. Write 600+ words per week, Tuesday to Tuesday.
  3. The content doesn't matter, nor do the mechanics; however, the idea is to get material to develop into essays, so don't just "blah blah blah" all the time. 
  4. DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING; it may be useful as a starter for something else later on. The idea is that at least some of this writing will be revised into finished pieces. Soon you will have to start generating your own topics for writing, so use these warm ups and writing exercises as idea starters.
  5. Always write the date and the number of words every time you write. (Highlight and choose Word Count from Tools.)
  6. Yes, you will receive extra credit for totals greater than 600!
  8. Just write, baby. And date it. And count it.
  9. Credit Chart:

      300 = 10/20
      400 = 15/20
      500 = 18/20
      600 = 20/20
      900 = 22/20
      1000+ = 24/20