Test 14B - Preview
a) Word used correctly.  b) Word used incorrectly.
  1. Jimmy fastidiously cleaned and adjusted his clothes before the dance.
  2. Jimmy forgot his lines and improvised some new lines.
  3. Maus is a not good example of an allegory.
  4. I was consigned to the end of the line because I was late.
  5. The evil genius shrewdly circumvented the alarm on the heavily guarded bank vault.
  6. Jimmy sarcastically insinuated that I didn't really earn my award.
  7. I found a cute outfit at the consignment store.
  8. I played video games for hours and hours with my friend. a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  9. I played video games for hours and hours with my friend.  Commas?  a) games,  b) games, (2nd) hours,  c) (2nd) hours,  d) OK as is.
  10. Llamas that don’t wear hats are illegal in some cities.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  11. Llamas that don’t wear hats are illegal in some cities. Commas?  a) Llamas, hats,  b) Llamas,  c) hats,  d) illegal,  e OK as is.
  12. p144, center panel, the woman in the scarf.  a) Anja  b) Mrs.Kawka  c) Mrs. Motonowa  d) Janina, their former nanny   e) Meinka   f) Mala  g) NOTA
  13. Why did Vladek think it was safe to go with the smugglers?  a) They spoke Yiddish.  b) Mrs. Motonowa trusted them.  c) His friend Mandelbaum trusted them.  d) Vladek got a letter back from someone who said they got through safely.  e) Anja trusted them.  f) NOTA
  14. What is ironic about Vladek’s decision to try to go to Hungary and give their spot at Mrs. Motonowa’s to Miloch and his family?  a) Because Mrs. Motonowa turned in Miloch.  b) Because Miloch was caught also.  c) Because Miloch waited out the war safely with Mrs. Motnowa.  d) Because Anja told him not to.   e) NOTA
  15. Why does Artie call Vladek a murderer in the last panel on p161?  He killed somebody in the war.  b) He wasn't able to save Mandelbaum.  c) He destroyed all of Anja's diaries and memories.  d)Artie blames him for Anja's death.  e) NOTA
  16. Why did Vladek ask Artie and Francoise to come stay with him?  a) He had a heart attack.  b) He got injured.  c) He needs money.  d) Mala left him.   e) NOTA
  17. An example from Book II of Vladek’s ridiculous skinflint behavior is complaining about Mala opening another container of salt.  a) True  b) False  (Be careful!)
  18. Why does Artie say it's so hard to tell Vladek's story in comic form?  a) "Somehow I wish I had been in Auschwitz with my parents..."  b)"Maybe everyone has to feel guilty." c) "If it wasn't so pathetic, it's be kinda funny..."  d) "...I couldn't compete..."  e) "...so much has to be left out or distorted..."  f) NOTA