Monday 1/4/99
  • Husker Du?
    1. A(n) __________ modifies (describes) a noun or pronoun.
    2. A(n) __________ describes how, when, or where something is done.
    3. defeated, certanly, independent, provision, all correct
    4. Give an example of someone being fickle.
    5. Give an example of someone using a facade.
    6. Pony : Darry : : Tom Sawyer : ________
    7. Give an example of an idiosyncrasy.
    8. Label each word in the following sentence:
    9. Fix the errors in the following sentences:
    10. Combine the following into one smooth-sounding sentence.
  • Vocabulary due Thursday (definition, POS, sentence):
  • htunic, perturb, reciprocate, phoenix, dowry, insolent, Angel Island
  • ILAA Testing!
  • Forms and paper
  • ILAA Intro:
  • Have you ever experienced a time when a group of students picked on an individual? Why did (does) it happen? Why do the "new" kid, the"weird" kid, the immigrant, usually face prejudice and discrimination? Jealousy? Peer pressure? Insecurity???