Monday 11/2 Vocabulary: (definitions and sentences due Tuesday)
1. My brother was very ___________; he kept bugging my mom until she said yes.
2. I stood watching, _________ by  the beauty of the stars.
3. My brother used me as a _________ so he wouldn't get in trouble for the broken lamp.
4. Franz Kafka's short story, "The ____________" is about a man who is turned into a giant cockroach.
5. I got very _________ before my big performance and made some silly mistakes.
6. "Two roads __________ in a yellow wood," and I took the one on the left.
7. I came to an intersection where four streets ___________.
8. Joe has an ___________ where he make his bed just before he gets into it.
9. I was amazed by the _______ that he was really an alien!
10. The camera _______(ed) down the street to show what everyone was doing.
11. Joe suffered from _________, and usually was awake almost all night long.
12. Everyone __________(ed) to the plan; no one disagreed.
13. He was the only one who ___________(ed). He didnít agree with the plan at all.
idiosyncrasy, diverged, converged, assent, dissent, metamorphosis, insomnia, scapegoat, revelation, pan, flustered, transfixed, persistent

  • "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" (p246)

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