Spelling Pretest #1
1. Exercise improves your physicle fittness.
2. The Olimpics happen every four years.
3. The obstacle course will improve your agilaty.
4. Running improves your indurence so you donít get as tired as quickly.
5. He has the strenth of ten men.
6. Drummers are supposed to have some rythm.
7. We have band rehersal tonite.
8. Turn the valve and release the water.
9. The choras of the song goes, "La, La, La."
10. She plays the violin in the (orcestra, orchestera, orchesstra, orchestra).
11. The table was made of (mahoganie, mohogany, mahogany, mahagany) wood.
12. Use a (rench, wrench, wreanch, wrenche) to losen the bolt.
13. A (triangel, triangal, triangle) has three sides.
14. That was a very (humurous, humerous, humerus, humorous) joke, it made me laugh.
15. I was very (suspisious, suspicious, suspisous, suspicous) of the man in the black coat.
16. I caught an (enormouse, enormous, enourmous, enormus) catfish!
17. Your room is (discusting, discussting, disgusting, disgussting), please clean it up.
18. (Puncuation, Punctution, Punctuation, Punctation) is very important to the meaning of the sentence.
19. I was (jealous, jealouse, jelous, jelouse) of my friendís bike.
20. You will preform many (experements, experaments, experiments, experiements) in Science class.
21. Even though I was nervous, I tried to act cool and _______________.
22. I handled the delicate vase very ____________.
23. Even though he may not be "book-smart" he has a lot of __________ about the world.
24. Not every member of a group ___________(s) exactly to our image of that group.
25. The landscape of the moon is lifeless and very _____________.
26. "I shouldnít have done that," he said ___________.
 bleak, nonchalant, gingerly, ruefully, savvy, conform