Spelling Pretest #2

1. The artist drew a scetch based on your description.
2. I could not believe it was hapenning.
3. I could feel the rough tectsture of the walls.
4. At that price, itís a great valu.
5. We planted trees to improve the lanscape.
6. Be sure to follow the cookie resipe exactly.
7. Milk contains protean, which builds mussel.
8. Milk also provides other nutrience like calcium and vitamins.
9. The gas gage showed that we were about to run out of gas.
10. Please put the thred through the eye of the needle.
11. There is some fine old arcitecture here in San Luis Obispo.
12. She has a giant sculpter in her garden that is shaped like a sphere.
13. In biology, we had to dissect a worm.
14. Our state goverment is based in Los Angeles.
15. You will study ancient civalizations in social studies.
16. You will also study many different culturs.
17. The U.S. is a democrasy, where we elect our representatives.
18. Memorial Day is a nationel holiday.
19. Many people are uninterested in the political workings of our country.
20. The students staged a rebelion, and took over the school.

Vocabulary: Copy each sentence. Definitions and a new sentence for each are due Wednesday!
1. He wasnít unfriendly, just a little aloof.
2. The soldiers gallantly rode into battle to defend their homes.
3. The small children were getting a bit ornery and needed a time-out.
4. He looked at the criminal contemptuously. This guy deserved any punishment he got.
5. Sometimes an author will foreshadow what will happen next.
6. I was dumbfounded when we found the treasure. I never thought we would.
7. He thinks he is part of an elite group of people who are "better" that the rest of us.