Spelling Pretest #3
1. The answer in a division problem is called the quoshent.
2. Are those two lines parralel?
3. No, they are 90° apart. They are purpendiculer.
4. "3x + 9 + 18" is a simple algabra problem.
5. Those two examples are very simaler.
6. What is nine davided by three?
7. When we refer to frequensy, we mean how often something happens.
8. Everyone should be able to perform simple adition in their head.
9. We use the minus sign to symbolize subtraction.
10. The problem said to multaply seven and eight.
11. Please discribe the man to me so I can find him.
12. Did you write down your observations?
13. Was your hypothases correct? Did the experiment turn out like you expected?
14. A metaphor is a compairason between two generally unlike things.
15. A noun is a person, place, thing or consept.
16. Things look very different under a micrascope.
17. Be carefull! Thatís very expencive equipment!
18. The weather Saturday was veriable; it was changing all the time.
19. What is the defenition of that word?
20. A test should show what you have lerned.
1. I tried to act cheerful, but it was just a facade. I was really depressed inside.
2. Pony had a premonition that something bad might happen in the old church.
3. The criminal ran through the alley to elude the police.
4. Cherry was incredulous that Dally tried to bring her a Coke. She couldnít believe it!
5. My mom didnít think my excuse was credible. She didnít believe a word of it.
6. Irony (n), Ironic (adj):When something turns out the opposite of what you would expect. (Also, sort of like sarcasm.) Examples:
· It was ironic that the fire station burned down.
· It was ironic that the police station was robbed.
· It was ironic that the soldier survived the war and then was shot on his own front porch after returning home safely.