Spelling Pretest #4
1. Have a pleasant day!
2. It was a very primative campsite. It didnít have water or "facilities."
3. Here is the procedure to followÖ
4. Donít listen to the other sideís propaganda. Itís mostly just lies!
5. Buckle up for safty!
6. Ponyboy doesnít always use common cents.
7. "Öfrom sea to shinning seaÖ"
8. Mmmmm, I would love a choclate sunday.
9. The letter ended, "Sinserely yours."
10. I was up all night, studing for my test.
11. For all we know, anione could have done it.
12. The heart is a cymble of love.
13. Joe tryed his best.
14. It took me three trys.
15. Thatís a very usefull gadget.
16. Stop useing my stuff!
17. My dog howls whenever a siren blows.
18. At this intersection, you must yeald to traffic.
19. Is everyone comming to the party.
20. Everyone will be there accept he and Jimmy.
21. Captain Crunch is in the cereal isle.
22. His car has no breaks; he canít stop.
23. Our spanish class has an aid to help the teacher.
24. He is air to the throne. He will become the king when his father dies.
25. She hit the ball into fowl territory.

Extra Credit:   A) Find and fix the 4 mistakes above.   B) What song does #7 come from?     C) Which doesnít belong? Why? hairy, scary, big, bear, ugly    D) What shape is the traffic sign for #18?

Vocabulary: Copy the sentences. H/W: Definitions and new sentences due Wednesday.
1. I implored my mom to let me go to the movies.
2. I was indignant when Dad blamed me for breaking the lamp instead of my sister.
3. Pony was wistful when he thought of what life might be like in the country.
4. I am leery of someone who promises me something for nothing.
5. She is known for her dogged determination. She never gives up.