Spelling Pretest #6
1. Joey had four years of collage.
2. He made ten cunsecutive baskets without a miss.
3. That Was Then, This Is Now is not a seequell to The Outsiders.
4. I just read an intresting artical.
5. She was a very skilled athalete.
6. The restaurant was famous for fine dineing.
7. He was well-liked; he had no enamys.
8. Johnny lays dieing in the hospital.
9. What are your qualifacations for this job?
10. There was a lot of sadness and greif at the funeral.
11. They were first in their leage.
12. Everyone went along with the plan; there was no resistence.
13. The quopon saved me 25 scents.
14. This medicine is the remadie for your sickness.
15. Many people are superstisious about the number 13.
16. Nikeä distributes shoes all over the world.
17. Darry has big mussels from lifting heavy bundles of roofing.
18. Eat a sencible diet with lots of vegatables.
19. Do not lie to me or decieve me!
20. John wayed 150 pounds.

Vocabulary: Copy each sentence. Definitions and new sentences are due Wednesday.
1. The jury acquitted the man, and he was set free.
2. Listening to the stereo is not conducive to studying.
3. Ponyís bad dream kept recurring night after night.
4. The doctor just gave him a cursory examination; he didnít check Pony out very thoroughly.
5. The sailors staged a mutiny and took over the ship.