Spelling Pretest #7
1. Our ranch covered seventeen akers.
2. The announcement was very breaf and to-the-point.
3. In the ambulance, at first, Pony was not consciouse of where he was.
4. The chart had two rows and three collums.
5. Do not interfear with the game.
6. He wished he had a gardien angle.
7. My throat was scratchy; my voice was horse.
8. Make sure that you inclued everyone. Don’t leave anyone out.
9. Did you get your invatation to the party?
10. Soda works as a mechanik in a gas station.
11. "Necesity is the mother of invention."
12. She recieved numarous awards for her work.
13. He is a menace to sociaty.
14. What a great acheivement!
15. Clean that with rubbing alcohal.
16. He is not yet a professional; he’s an amature.
17. The principal is the highest authoraty at the school.
18. She is now a rich, important executive with IBM.
19. We are in the Southern Hemasphere.
20. My friends tried to cokes me into TP’ing the house with them.
21. Darry's T-shirt was pulled so taught, you could see every muscle.
Copy sentences into notebook. Definition, POS, new sentence for each due Wednesday.
1. Dally is one of those people who like to circumvent the rules.
2. When Pony and Johnny cut their hair, they were trying to go incognito.
3. The author Ray Bradbury is a very prolific writer, writing at least a thousand words per day.
4. He tried to be very subtle as he cheated, so that the teacher wouldn't see.
5. Pony and Johnny are bona fide  heroes.