Spelling Pretest #8
1. Please stay inside the park boundry.
2. No, I wonít purmit you to do that!
3. Their marrage lasted for over forty years.
4. Would you like a  peace of pie?
5. Please ask the flight attendent for a blanket.
6. I have a subscrition to that magazine.
7. Some students think that Mr. Coward is too leanient, others say he is too mean.
8. He was a hansome man.
9. What is your job or proffession?
10. He made four atempts to fly.
11. "Idol hands are the Devilís workshop."
12. The mothers of the town thought that Huck was a dizgrase.
13. You are recquired to do this project.
14. I had a large bruse on my arm where I was hit.
15. Please be searious; this is no laughing matter.
16. He is very skinny, with a very small waste.
17. Tom Sawyer likes to get into mischeaf.
18. My brother and me got into an arguement.
19. She carryed the bucket.
20. There is more divercity at this school than ever before.

Vocabulary: Definitions and sentences: Due Tuesday
Tom was very _________ about avoiding work, but he worked even harder at getting Becky to notice him. Just look at all the ____________ and outrageous stunts he pulled! Finally, when she did notice him, he was ____________; it was the best thing! But even though Tom was very sly and __________ in getting her attention, he blew it when he mentioned Amy. Becky got mad, and now Tom thinks life is ____________.
odious, guile(ful), diligent, audacious, ecstatic
 Due Thursday
1. bona fide
2. subtle
3. deduce
4. skylarking
5. diffident