Spelling Pretest #11
  1. I can't believe I ate the hole thing!
  2. I espesally like chocolate cake.
  3. An "A" is a disirable thing.
  4. I want prufe of that statement.
  5. To asstonish is to amaze.
  6. The order was very spesific; six pares of pants.
  7. She is a reletive of mine; a cousin, I think.
  8. She was extremly nervouse before the show.
  9. Windrider was a dragon in a previus lifetime.
  10. She had great admireation for her teacher.
  11. You have everything you need for a refund, accept your reciete from the store.
  12. She was a ballay dancer.
  13. I am thankfull to be here.
  14. Have you seen the latest movie adaptation of Romeo and Juliet?
  15. After two drinks, he couldn't walk in a strate line.
  16. This class emphesizes thinking skills.
  17. "I pledge allegance to the flag..."
  18.  My throat is a little soar from my cold.
  19. I respect your opinion, allthough I disagree with it.
  20. They say that ignorence is bliss.
  21. Was Dally gallant, like a knight in shinning armor?
  22. He had alot of incite into the problem, and offer many solutions.
  23. After stoping at the stop sign, you may procede if it is safe.
  24. "...life, liburty, and the pursuit of happiness..."
  25. I demand a trial by jurey!

A) Find and fix any other errors you see above.
B) What document does #24 come from?
C) "Tsze Kung asked, ' Is there one word which may serve as a rule of behavior for all of one's life?'  The Master said, 'Is not __________ such a word?'"
                                                    --from the writings of Confucius
What word from our vocabulary word list so far did the Master use?
D) What's a "blue moon"?
E) What was the name of the first satellite to orbit the earth?