Spelling Pretest #12

1. He did not think he was worthie of the award he was given.
2. Please read the instuctions carefully before you plug your AlphaSmart into the computer.
3. I think what we have here is a fellure to communicate.
4. Talking during a test is reguarded as cheating.
5. The polacy on KBAR is that no late signatures are excepted.
6. The mountain road was windy and narroe.
7. We made impresions of our feet in the concrete.
8. This book is the first in a searies of three.
9. My wife likes mysterie books with many plot twists.
10. Studying beforehand will inable you to do well on the test.
11. That establashment has been there for years.
12. The teacher asked the class if anyone knew what the "first person singuler" pronoun was. (+1 EC)
13. Joe had a very good sugestion for our project.
14. We gathered to commend and appluad the heros.
15. After I begged my mom for four hours, she finally rilented and let me go to the party.
16. The TV was on a raised plateform.
17. That asinement is worth forty-five points.
18. We were waiting for the flood waters to reseed so we could move back into our home.
19. Going into the burning building took a lot of courege.
20. Joey is a very consciencious  worker who always does his best.
21. He recieved  only a miner  bruse in the accident.
22. In the begging of the year, we learned how to spell that word.
23. An ID is recquired to get into that club.
24. You can't be searious about running away from home!
25. Fighting fires is an honorable proffession.