Spelling Pretest #16

1. Please give an explaination for this behavior!
2. Was your hypothases correct? Did the experiment turn out like you expected?
3. Your face looks fammilar; but I donít remember your name.
4. That mountain is  imposable to climb.
5. He is a fine individuel.
6. In this country, by law, everyone is considered inacent until proven guilty.
7. Please do not mispell this word!
8. One of the respected members of the tribe was the medacine man.
9. The planets' orbit is eleptacal in shape, not circular.
10. Make sure your handwriting is ledgible.
11. The artist drew a scetch based on your description.
12. He is gennerally a good student.
13. My mom sent me to the grosary store for milk.
14. Please  identifie yourself to the police officer.
15. That car gets good gas milage.
16. Please come to the office imediately!
17. When the teacher left the room, there was suddenly noise and kaos.
18. He seems so smart. Is he a genus?
19. Please add $5.00 for shiping and handleing.
20. Atoms are the building blocks of mollecules.
21. What an intresting story.
22. Just  imagine if you had a million dollars.
23. I always eat in the school cafateria.
24. Donít put any  foriegn objects into your mouth!
25. Milk  provides nutrience like calcium and vitamins.

graft(2), infinitesimal, subtle, poised(2), resilient, aurora, expendable, correlate