Spelling Pretest 17
1. A narative is a story.
2. Eight is a multapel of four.
3. He was just natureally a good player.
4. Niether is an example of a conjunction.
5. What is twenty percent of ninty?
6. He has a sister in the nineth grade.
7. The blemish was not very noticeable.
8. When did the incident ocurr.
9. Please try to orgunize your notebook.
10. You aught to do your KBAR.
11. "An ounze of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
12. He left town oweing me five dollers.
13. Please have patients and wait.
14. She wanted to pearce her nose!
15. Ms. Burns is the principle of Laguna.
16. She is a very intelagent woman.
17. Use a large quanity of water for this resipe.
18. I didnít realise what I had done!
19. The Pilgrims were looking for freedom of religon.
20. Please learn to be responsable for your own actions.
21. Do not loose the car keys there are no spares!
22. James Dean was killed in a firey car crash.
23. There is a difference between being ignorent and being dumb.
24. We flew at a heighth of 6000 feet.
25. Does this computer come with a garantee?
What is the only man-made structure on earth that is visible from space?
Find and fix the mistakes above.
What does #11 mean?

"A Sound of Thunder" and "The Flying Machine"

A) If you could go back in Time, when/where would you go, and why?
B) If you could change something in the Past, what would it be, and why?
C) Are there any technologies that shouldn't pursue? Any "worlds" we shouldn't try to conquer? Why not?
D) Does the end always justify the means?